3 reasons female HSC graduates should (re)consider an apprenticeship

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If you want to turn your passion into a career, if you want to be out there doing, making, fixing or changing things; if you want a job where every day is different, if you want to start gaining experience and earning straight away, then an apprenticeship just might be for you.

And if you also happen to be female – don’t let stereotypes get in the way! In 2020, women are slaying it in every apprenticeship career you can imagine. Here are three reasons why female HSC graduates should (re) consider an apprenticeship.

#1 Break down barriers: Female apprentices are leading the way

It’s crazy to think that in 2020 there is still a view that apprenticeships and trades are “jobs for the boys” but it’s a misconception we still hear too often! In fact, we did a survey of young women recently, and it shocked us; more than 36% of female students surveyed said trade careers weren’t promoted at their school.

Yet women are running the show in a variety of male-dominated industries, from carpentry to race car driving. Don’t let misconceptions hold you back from learning more about apprenticeship opportunities that have so much to offer the class of 2020.

#2 Do what you love: Apprenticeships are a gateway to more than 500 careers

If a trade isn’t your thing, don’t overlook apprenticeships altogether. From brewing your own craft beer to working in local government, from decorating cakes to working in finance or managing events, apprenticeships are a gateway to an amazing range of careers – in fact, there’s more than 500 of them!

Whether you want to work in a trade, a creative industry, healthcare, beauty or business, an apprenticeship can help you build a lifelong career you’ll love. 

#3 Kick-start your career: Gain experience and earn while you learn  

With an apprenticeship, you are earning while you learn from the outset. Not only will you have money in your pocket, you’ll be building real workplace skills and experience that can help you rise up the ranks while your mates at uni are still studying. You’ll gain nationally recognised qualifications (and avoid a massive HELP debt!) too.

Today’s apprentices are often tomorrow’s business owners, so if you are an entrepreneur at heart, an apprenticeship can also get you started on a pathway to running your own show.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whatever your passion, there’s a good chance that there is an apprenticeship or traineeship that can help you turn it into a career. Find out more and start exploring your options at https://www.verto.org.au/consider-an-apprenticeship.