By Jason Foster, General Manager, Apprenticeships and New Business

At some point in your career, you’re going to need to evaluate your skills. It happens to us all, whether you’ve been in one career your entire working life or have hopped from job to job. 

In our work at VERTO, helping people to find the right way forward in the career path they want is core to what we do. Here’s a list of the top four reasons why we think you need to examine up-skilling as an option.  

It’s a rapidly changing world out there

We live in a time when the world around us is changing. As we move even further into the digital age, technology change is driving a massive shift in the way work. This is only going to change further as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) and other similar technologies take hold. The first line of defence for your career is ensuring that you are ready for this and are taking steps to plan for how your career will be impacted. 

My first tip is to look at how you can upskill to take advantage of this trend. For example, with technology now delivering data to our fingertips how can you upskill yourself to better operate in this type of environment? This is especially important for older workers, where the adjustment to technology can be a tougher task. It’s the reason why programs such as Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers exist: to help you find the right career option at a time when change is rapid. 

Losing your job

It’s the most dramatic reason but that doesn’t remove the fact that this can happen at any time. Whether it’s redundancy or a whole career ceasing to exist, losing your job can be a very difficult pill to swallow.

Options exist to help you find your feet again. Programs such as Career Transition Assistance or the Skills Checkpoint program referenced earlier can help you make the switch to a new career or role a much easier change. 

Certification for the win

Like it or not, holding a certification in this highly competitive jobs market can make the difference in so many industries between being selected for an interview and being simply overlooked.

Employers are looking for candidates that have a recognised, tested skill set that they can bring into their business. It’s a something that you can easily check off by ensuring that you have taken the necessary steps to upskill yourself. A good example is in motor mechanics, where the role has changed so rapidly in the past 10 years that the need to retrain is paramount.

Better qualifications equals more opportunity

Following on from the above point, updating your skill set provides more opportunities not only by providing you with certification, but also by growing the opportunities you can apply for. 

For example, gaining new skills can help you to transition into an entirely new career path, one that you may previously have overlooked or may not have known existed. There’s a known skills shortage in Australia, meaning that up skilling can provide huge benefits both for yourself and the economy. For example, we have a huge shortage in commercial chefs, meaning that if you’re prepared to shift careers, you can be almost assured of finding a role. 

VERTO has a range of options available to help you find the right way forward. There are services and programs out there that can take some of the stress out of the situation, help you explore your options, and get you quickly on the path to your next job. Contact our team at VERTO to find out more about our programs and how we can help you.



VERTO is a provider of the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Program across all parts of New South Wales.


Whether you are unemployed and wanting to secure a job or looking to formalise your skills through study, VERTO has a course for you.
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Employment Services

At VERTO, we offer a range of employment services designed to help both individuals and businesses find the right opportunities.
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Community Services

VERTO’s Community Services programs provide free, practical assistance on a range of services for selected regional communities.



VERTO Celebrates 40 Years

This October, VERTO is celebrating 40 years of supporting people in NSW through quality education, employment, apprenticeship, and community services.

According to VERTO CEO, Ron Maxwell, VERTO has grown from humble beginnings as a small evening college in Bathurst to a national organisation employing more than 500 staff and servicing thousands of clients every year.

Founded in 1983 as the Central West Regional Evening College and in 2012, rebranded as VERTO Limited – with VERTO being Latin for ‘transform’.

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VERTO is a not-for-profit organisation assisting businesses and individuals with all their apprenticeship, employment and training needs.

Our expertise covers a range of areas including Aboriginal services, Australian apprenticeships services, disability services, employment services and vocational training to help businesses, individuals and local industry to thrive.

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CareerGate is the perfect tool for anyone looking at an apprenticeship

Whether you’re a school leaver or someone looking for a career change, CareerGate is the perfect tool to find the right apprenticeship for you.

CareerGate is an online tool designed to help you find the right apprenticeship option based on a series of assessments around your skills and future career plans.

The assessments take around 30-45 minutes and once complete, it provides you with a starting point for your apprenticeship journey, identifying your ideal career path and the steps you can take to get there.

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    Trade careers are rewarding and positively impact the economic security of women.

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      At VERTO, our goal is to provide the training and skills development that will prepare you for the future. We offer a range of training courses that cover numerous skills and qualifications.

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      At VERTO, our goal is to provide the training and skills development that will prepare you for the future. We offer a range of training courses that cover numerous skills and qualifications.

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