Celebrating employment achievements this International Day of People with Disability

Published: Dec 01, 2022

By Ron Maxwell - CEO

Working in employment services, we see the life-changing benefits of employment every single day. From financial independence to social contribution and personal confidence, finding fulfilling employment is a game-changer for individuals. And for employers, an engaged, motivated employee can help a business to thrive.  

So, to mark the upcoming International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD) on 3 December, I want to celebrate the achievements of a handful of our Disability Employment Services clients and encourage more employers to look to this diverse and talented candidate pool for their next hire.

Reahannon's following her dreams  

Reahannon is an incredible woman who came to VERTO looking to return to the workforce after 20 years out of it. Reahannon was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, has battled cancer, and has ongoing mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety.

After separating and becoming a single parent to her three kids, she wanted to explore what kind of work would suit her.

Reahannon's journey with VERTO was all about confidence-building or, as she puts it, "making me believe in me".

With support from her consultant, Reahannon has successfully achieved several business administration qualifications and is working towards her dream career as a paralegal. Check out her story here.

John returns to the workforce after a life-changing injury

One of our most memorable clients who left a marked impression on our team and his employer is John Crasti. John was a passionate bull rider, and an accident doing what he loved left him with a broken bone in his neck. As a result, he now uses a wheelchair. 

John was keen to get back into the workforce but needed to find his new niche, where his work ethic, positivity and sense of humour would be a welcome part of the team. He quickly found the right opportunity with Bourke's Wholesale Fruit and Veg in Central West NSW.

It's been a win-win for John and business owner Luke Bourke, and you can watch their story here.

Allan overcomes barriers to find work he loves

And then there's Allan Roach, who overcame significant physical and mental health barriers to find work he is passionate about as part of the team at Forbes-based Calvani Crushing. Allan had dreams of operating heavy machinery, and with support and supervision, he has achieved this goal.

Owner John Calvani explained that Allan has fast become part of the team, saying, "With his willingness to learn, he has earnt the respect of fellow work colleagues, and he has become a valuable asset to our company." You can read more of Allan's story here.

Employers encouraged to take action this IDPWD

These are just three stories from VERTO's Disability Employment Services team that works across NSW to match employers with great employees who are also people with disability every single day.

IDPWD is a great chance to mark and celebrate the achievements of people with disability across the country. And for employers, it's also a time to remember that diversity and inclusion must go beyond written policies to become action.

There are approximately 1 million people with disability actively working or looking for work in Australia, accounting for around 7.7% of the workforce. And it's vital to recognise that this is a diverse group of individuals.

Disability is diverse

Disability may involve physical diversities or neurological ones. It can be apparent or unseen. People with disability are not a single sector of society but unique individuals with different life experiences, values, traits and strengths.

And for employers, this means a wide range of talents, a constellation of skills and abilities – something no business should ever want to overlook.

Finding great people for your business

While recognising the great importance of equality and inclusion, hiring people with disability is also about more than that. It's about finding great people for your business. You can find some great resources on inclusive workplace practices here, and if you want to take action, VERTO can assist.

VERTO's Disability Employment Services team has extensive expertise in matching employers with great candidates. In addition, we can help you access a range of supports to ensure employment is a success and help your business to grow and thrive.

We also invite you to join us on Friday 2 December at the VERTO Bathurst office, 227 Howick Street, as we come together to mark this year’s International Day of People with Disability with a sausage sizzle from 11.30 am.