Setting yourself up for success as a mature-aged job seeker

By Alyssa Bennett, COO

As we move further into life after the pandemic, our job market has recovered, which is excellent news for job seekers. But for mature-aged job seekers, it can be daunting looking for a job, particularly for those who have faced redundancy or had time away from the workforce.

So, today, I want to talk about how you can set yourself up for success and the programs and services that can support you on the journey.

Your life and work experience is valuable to employers

Many mature-aged job seekers face a common barrier: low confidence. Redundancy or time out of the workforce can increase confidence issues, and many mature-aged job seekers feel worried about competing with younger candidates.

However, it's important to remember that you have something employers want and younger candidates don't have: extensive life and work experience. So your maturity can be a significant advantage as employers see the benefits. 

Whether it's the technical skills you've built over many years, experience dealing with different personalities or your emotional intelligence, you have much to offer potential employers as a mature-aged candidate.

Identify and look for opportunities to use your transferable skills

It can feel even more daunting when there aren't opportunities in your current industry, or your role has been made redundant. The good news is that you've developed transferable skills in every job you've had.

These are skills you can take to a new industry or role. They may be technical or people skills or both, and they will have value for your next employer.

Working with a consultant at an employment services provider like VERTO can be a great way to identify these skills and ensure you are putting them front and centre in your job search.

Consider upskilling or reskilling

Whether you want to develop skills in your current role or industry or transition to a new one, now is a great time to look at training options. There are many government incentives available right now that provide financial assistance to get you upskilled or reskilled for your next role. Your local employment services provider can help you navigate your options and apply for any eligible incentives or assistance.

Help is at hand

Help is available, so don't be afraid to reach out. At VERTO, we understand that some mature aged job seekers may need support to upskill, reskill or overcome barriers to finding work.

We also recognise that the jobs market has changed dramatically over recent decades. Our programs assist you in identifying your skills and strengths and navigating this new landscape.

Our job seeker program, jobactive, is a service tailored to your needs and can assist you with your job search, resume development, digital literacy, and even preparing for interviews. 

For those who want other supports, VERTO can also refer you to a range of services that help you with non-work related issues that may be a barrier to employment, such as mental health or addiction.

And when you get a job, we can help you with financial assistance to cover costs such as protective equipment, uniforms or tools. We also support you post-placement to ensure you have everything you need to make your new job a success.

We also offer Skills Checkpoint, a program designed for workers over 40 who have been unemployed for less than 12 months and have not received support from another employment service program. It's also suited to those currently employed and at risk of losing their job.

This program assesses your skills to tailor support to your needs. In addition, you will receive advice and guidance on finding a new role in your industry or building a new career path. You can also access up to $2200 (GST inclusive) towards jointly funding any relevant training.

Whilst a change in career direction can be daunting, VERTO is here to help. There are several programs out there to support you, and you are not alone. A change of career or new industry later in life can be incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally.

If you are a mature-aged job seeker looking for what's next, contact VERTO on 1300 4 VERTO (1300 483 786) for a confidential discussion.