So you want to earn while you learn – but how?


As your school life comes to an end, you might be thinking that you are ready to get out from behind the desk and start earning. The good news is that a gap year isn’t your only option. There is a way to do this while still building towards a lifelong career. 

The answer is an apprenticeship. While there is a common misconception that apprenticeships are for those who don’t make it into uni, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Apprenticeships offer a wide range of career options that can even see you earning more than university graduates on qualification.

Whether you want a professional career as a business manager or IT expert, a role in hospitality, a trade, or even a creative career like wine or cake-making, an apprenticeship or traineeship has you covered.  There are over 500 apprenticeship and traineeship careers, so there really is something to match every passion.

In addition, many of these careers are in growth industries that need more qualified staff, so employers are actively looking for people like you, who are ready to earn and learn!

Even better, because you start working (and earning) from the outset, you won’t wait three or four years to find out whether you’ve made the right choice, like your university counterparts. You’ll complete your studies while learning on the job and gain a nationally recognised qualification that will set you up for life.  What’s more, you’ll learn from trainers who have real experience in your chosen industry, not from textbooks.

If you are unsure what’s next but think earning while you learn might be for you, check out our free career quiz at Answer just a few easy questions about your interests and passions, and you’ll get instant results on careers that match. You can even get started applying for vacancies in your area straight away, so what are you waiting for?