The Great Resignation: Time for a Career Change?

By Ron Maxwell - CEO

Around the world, there is a massive employment shift happening as individuals consider their career and lifestyle options in the wake of lockdowns, known as The Great Resignation. Predicted to hit Australian shores in early 2022, we will likely see a busy jobs market for job seekers and employers alike.

This movement is tipped to involve a career transition for many due to changing values and lifestyle choices. If that’s you, it’s an excellent opportunity to look at careers within industries suffering skills shortages, such as our traditional trades, hospitality and health and community services.

Opportunities abound in hospitality

While our hospitality and tourism industries have taken a significant hit over the last 18 months, these industries are predicted to come back with a bang. Operators all over the country are crying out for qualified workers, so if this is an area of interest, now is a great time to switch careers. In addition, these industries offer significant flexibility and even some unique opportunities to escape the city, living and working in coastal and regional areas.

There are diverse opportunities on offer, from front of house and customer service to kitchen roles and management positions, so it’s worth a look. 

Healthcare and community services are a great way to have a positive impact

We’ve all found a new appreciation for our frontline healthcare workers in recent times, and there are many careers in the space for those who want to positively impact the community. From aged care support to mental health services, if you’ve always wanted to help others, it might just be your opportunity to shine.

Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers

If the pandemic has you thinking about getting out from behind the desk, there are some great apprenticeship opportunities out there. While apprenticeships are often considered a career start for school leavers, we are seeing a rise in mature-aged apprenticeships. Many employers are realising the benefits of older apprentices who bring maturity and workplace experience that can really benefit a business.

Several of our traditional trades are facing skills shortages, including plumbing and carpentry, so it’s an excellent time to see what’s out there. Apprenticeships and traineeships go far beyond our traditional trades too. In fact, there are over 500 occupations, many you may never have heard about before.

If you are ready for something new but not sure what’s next, head over to VERTO’s Careergate platform, a free online tool that assesses your interests and skills to find apprenticeships and traineeships that suit you. You can even start applying for vacancies in your area straight away.

Combine transferable skills with training to reskill

When it comes to making a career change, it’s not just about developing new skills. The skills you have developed in your current career, particularly those soft and workplace skills, can be a great advantage for your next employer.

The VERTO team can help you explore your training options and combine your existing skills to get started on your new career pathway.

It’s an opportunity for employers too

The impending shift is a good reminder for employers that keeping people engaged is critical, particularly in a remote working environment. Showing your employees that they are valued is essential to maintain engagement and reduce turnover, so if this is an area where you can increase your efforts, it’s worth revisiting.

While there is a chance you will lose some people in the upcoming shift, it’s also a good opportunity to find new talent, particularly if you are willing to consider someone new to the industry. Often called ‘the outsider advantage’, bringing in someone from outside the sector can inject new ideas and innovation. 

VERTO can assist you in finding candidates who have experience in or are looking to make the shift to your industry. It’s the perfect time to be thinking about your workforce needs in 2022, and factoring in the potential impact of the Great Resignation now makes sense. 

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, get in touch with the VERTO team to start exploring employment and training opportunities, find out about any incentives available to you, and get advice on your next move.