What you can expect from working with an employment services provider

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    By Alyssa Bennett - Chief Operating Officer

Salon training in NSW
Salon training in NSW

Working with an employment services provider like VERTO is about more than finding a job. We can help you not only secure employment, but build the confidence and skills to thrive in many areas of your life.

So today, I’d like to talk about how it works and what you can expect, because it’s a life-changing service for many job seekers, and it might just help you or someone you know.

How to get started

While many people first come to us through Centrelink or a job search program, you can also contact us yourself. We have many programs and services, and a VERTO team member can help you explore what you’re eligible for.

Because that’s the other great thing – employment services are free to eligible job seekers.

It’s all about you

The best thing about working with an employment services provider is that it’s all about you! You’ll have a dedicated consultant who is there to listen, understanding your goals and interests to create a unique plan.

Your plan might include work readiness programs to build the skills to get into (or back into) work. This could be about using technology, presentation skills, or creating a resume that shows employers what you have to offer.

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a while (or you haven’t started in it yet), it’s not uncommon to feel worried about your skills and abilities. Our work readiness programs help you build or regain your confidence because we all have unique skills and abilities, and we’ll help you get to know yours.

For example, if you’ve been out of work for a while due to caring responsibilities, you may not have had any other workplace experience. Still, you have developed new skills employers will love. Caring involves time management, empathy, patience and organisation, to name just a few – and these skills have huge value at work too.

So, after learning about your goals, we’ll help you uncover those skills and qualities so you can put your best foot forward.

Finding jobs or careers paths you’ll love

Next, your plan looks at what kind of jobs could suit you. You might like an apprenticeship, office work, or something outdoors.

The pathway to employment will be very different for each person who walks through our doors. We set you up with what you need, and that may include additional services with us or with one of our local providers:

  • Financial counselling
  • Tenancy support for private tenants
  • ParentsNext for parents who want to plan for return to work when their youngest child starts school
  • Transition to Work for people aged 15–24
  • Disability Employment Services for people with disability or changing work needs due to illness, injury or accident
  • Social supports for housing instability, mental health or addiction challenges

The pathway to employment is different for everyone.

For some people, this is the start of an apprenticeship or traineeship – a pathway to a qualification you can use all over the country. For others, it might be a licence or card, like a White Card or an RSA. Or maybe it’s a qualification, like a certificate or diploma in business or health care.

Study options may have a cost, but we can help you look at support programs that can help you with some or all of this, and some even fund employment costs, such as tools or uniforms.

If study isn’t your thing, we can build a job pathway. It might be immediately matching you with one of our local employers that fits your needs, or doing some paid work trials – trying out different jobs to see what you love.

And all the while, your consultant is there for you. When you start working, we continue supporting you and your new employer, helping to make it a success for everyone.

It could change your life

You might be wondering if an employment services provider can actually help you. Whether you don’t feel like you are able to work, are unsure if you want to go back to work, or are ready and raring to go, we can help.

Finding the right employment is about more than a job or even a pay cheque. It’s about self-confidence and the freedom to make your own choices.

So, whether you’ve been referred to us or choose to get in touch, you’ll be given the support, respect and help to find your feet in your own way.

If you are struggling to find or keep employment, contact VERTO for a confidential chat on 1300 VERTO (1300 483 786) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It might just be the start of something great.