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Finding the right apprenticeship can be difficult. Whether you’re a school leaver starting out on your employment journey, or someone looking for a career change, navigating your way through the options available to you can seem daunting.

The entire way through our friendly, supportive CareerGate specialists are always on hand to make sure you can maximise the tools available to you. 

How does it work?

As the name implies, there’s a number of ‘gates’ you pass through within CareerGate that enables you to be matched with the right apprenticeship or training courses.

In total there are five gates you need to pass:

  • CareerGate 1:

  • CareerGate 2:

    Career Profiler
  • CareerGate 3:

    General Aptitude Assessment
  • CareerGate 4:

    Specific Vocational Assessment
  • CareerGate 5:

    Resume Upload

The full CareerGate assessment will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, so please allow sufficient time when using the tool to complete all the necessary steps. You will need to complete all five gates to be eligible for job matching and to apply for vacancies listed on your CareerGate homepage.

On completion, you will also receive a Pathway Referral Matrix. This matrix is designed to help you start your apprenticeship journey by highlighting all the steps you need to complete.

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Links for apprenticeship pathway starting point:

The links below provide you with further resources and information based on the specific career pathways you have been matched to.

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