COVID ruined your gap year? Here’s what you can do instead

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If you were planning a gap year abroad, COVID has stopped that dream in its tracks. And while there’s no denying that’s disappointing – all is not lost. The key is to make the most of today so when the time comes around when you can travel, you can make the most of it!

 Here’s our round-up of gap year alternatives.

Get the skills to pay the bills… 

Short courses can be a great way to quickly build the skills to help you get a job while you wait for the world to reopen. Completing your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) to work in a licensed venue, gaining the barista skills to make a mean espresso, or getting first aid certification really can help you stand out from the crowd.

(And the skills you gain now can also be helpful in finding a job overseas, if you decide to take a delayed gap year when borders open up!) 

…travel the country, or at least your state!

With a diverse range of environments and climates, you can take almost any kind of holiday here at home. Even if you’re limited to your own state, there is so much to see. In NSW alone, you can ski in Jindabyne, visit world-class wineries in Orange, hike the sub-tropical rainforests of Barrington Tops, or learn to surf on the world-famous beaches of Byron Bay.

If you need to fund your travels, many regional towns are looking for local workers to take on jobs like fruit picking, that were previously filled by a steady flow of backpackers from around the world. So dust off the backpack and check out the local trail!

Or maybe it’s time to kick-start your career?

Okay, so you weren’t planning on starting your studies right now, but you have the time on your hands, so why not give yourself a head start with an apprenticeship?

There are more than 500 apprenticeship occupations, covering everything from traditional trades to creative industries, office jobs to healthcare and community roles, so there really is something for everyone.

We don’t know when travel will reopen, so getting started with an apprenticeship means you can earn while you learn, qualify in an industry with good future job prospects, and even set yourself on a pathway to owning your own business. And your qualifications may even help you get a job abroad, when that gap year becomes a reality.

Make the most of today

So, you can’t take that gap year, but you can still make the most of 2021. An apprenticeship can be a great way to turn your passion into a career, so why not get started while your travel plans are on hold? Find out more and start exploring your options at