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Certificate III in Hairdressing SHB30416-01

An apprenticeship in Hairdressing is a combination of studying and working, allowing you to "earn while you learn". You can kickstart your career in this creative and dynamic field by learning from our qualified industry experts. Upon successful completion of Certificate III in Hairdressing, you'll have the confidence and skills to offer a wide range of hairdressing services to your clients. Throughout your journey, you'll learn practical skills such as design, coloring, foiling, men's and women's haircuts, long hair design, and more.

By the time you complete your apprenticeship, you'll have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will set you up for a successful career in the Hairdressing industry.

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Why should you consider a hairdressing apprenticeship?

Why should you consider Hairdressing apprenticeship?

As a hairdressing apprentice, you'll get to immerse yourself in the technical aspects of the trade while gaining hands-on experience in a professional environment. With the opportunity to touch the lives of people in more ways than one, being a hairdresser is a fulfilling career path. So, take the first step today and start your journey towards a career that allows you to learn, grow, and make a difference.

How long is a Hairdressing apprenticeship?

Completing a hairdressing apprenticeship usually takes about three to four (Full term is 36 months) years. Upon completion of the Certificate III in Hairdressing, you will have acquired the necessary technical and supervisory skills to become a professional hairdresser. This certification is highly regarded by potential employers, as it demonstrates a solid skill set. It is also a requirement if you aspire to become a salon manager.

What are the requirements to begin a Hairdressing apprenticeship?

The minimum requirements are:

What happens when I am a fully qualified hairdresser?

Once you complete your apprenticeship or Certificate III, you will become a fully qualified hairdresser. This will allow you to apply for a job in the industry as a "Junior Stylist". As you continue to work, you will receive guidance from senior stylists, enabling you to progress in your career. You may even decide to pursue a Certificate IV in Hairdressing which will enable you to run your own salon, work as a freelance hairdresser, or become a salon manager.

Why should you consider an apprenticeship in hairdressing?

How can VERTO help me become an apprentice hairdresser? 

VERTO is a provider of the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Program throughout all parts of New South Wales. Our Apprenticeships team works closely with local businesses across our extensive network to provide information, guidance and support for employers, apprentices, and trainees alike.

We will assist you throughout the process completely FREE of charge and provide you with support with:

  • Providing advice on appropriate pathways and apprenticeships
  • Access to our exclusive CareerGate assessment and job matching service
  • Mentoring support for Australian Apprentices
  • Assistance in accessing any State Government incentives including student concession entitlements
  • Assessing eligibility and administration of Federal Government incentives

Does VERTO help with mature-aged apprenticeships?

Yes!  There is no age limit for apprenticeships or traineeships unless it's a role specifically designated for school-based apprentices or trainees. Whether you're 21 or 31, you can still become an apprentice and receive the same training and support as anyone else. In fact, being an adult apprentice, or mature age apprentice, has its own advantages. You bring with you a wealth of experience and knowledge, making you an asset to any workplace. So don't hesitate to take the first step towards a rewarding career.


Meet some of our Hairdressing apprentices:

Meet Sarah!

Meet Sarah!

Sarah says her Hairdressing apprenticeship shaped her life in the best way possible!

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