Ann starts new year with major milestone development

VERTO Orange client Ann Masling has already started 2024 off with a significant milestone, indicating that the year will continue as one of positive growth. 

Amidst the weight of enduring past traumas, Ann Masling became a participant in VERTO's Disability Employment Services (DES) program in 2021, seeking employment assistance while battling severe PTSD, depression, and mental health challenges.

According to Ann, she was bounced from one service provider to another without success, sensing a recurring pattern of being perceived as too “difficult” a case, which left her feeling unheard and dismissed.

Through participating in VERTO’s DES program, which is supported by the Department of Social Services, Ann’s client consultant, Allison Dean, committed to stand by her regardless of any obstacles. This led to Ann’s admittance to a rehabilitation program in Sydney after months of diligent effort.

“I would not be where I am or have made the progress that I have made without the unwavering support of the team at VERTO and their DES program,” Ann said.

“I was assisted in my journey of sobriety with safe housing and felt empowered to begin looking at employment options - things that felt out of reach before beginning my time in the program.”

Returning to Orange after successful rehabilitation, VERTO helped negotiate a suitable role that met Ann’s requirements with a loyal local employer. In the second half of 2023, Ann commenced work on a casual basis.

Despite encountering intermittent challenges due to mental health barriers, Ann's resilience shone through. Her employer's compassionate support, coupled with the focused assistance from Allison and the VERTO Orange team, propelled Ann's growth.                                                                                                                 

“I believe Ann needed someone to stick with her no matter what - something that the team at VERTO and Allison in particular made a conscious decision to do,” Team Leader of VERTO’s DES Employment Services, Geoff Buss said.

“After many years of support, understanding, respect and resilience, Ann’s admittance into rehabilitation in Sydney was a great success and since returning, Ann has shown her true strength of character which makes all of us at VERTO extremely proud of a wonderful outcome.”

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