Apprentices Who Have Become Leaders- Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence, CEO Masters in Building Training

Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your career. You earn while you learn key skills that your future employers desire. Apprenticeships can open the door to many opportunities and great experiences over a lifetime. One person who has personally experienced the opportunities that an apprenticeship can provide is Paul Lawrence. Paul grew up in Kogarah NSW, and from a very early age he was interested in building. His Grandfather, a cabinet maker, nurtured his interest by teaching him how to fix things and look after his tools.

Paul took up a Carpentry and Joinery apprenticeship, working at several businesses including a joinery shop, an attic room conversion company and a mid-tier commercial building company where he completed projects such as hospitals, schools and the renovation of historic buildings.

“Having a trade allows you to be independent with the possibilities only as endless as your imagination,” said Paul.

Paul was able to establish a building company in 1994 with his school friend due to the confidence, skills and knowledge his apprenticeship had provided. Paul was committed to his employees and apprentices, and through his personal experience he knew the benefits of continued education and training.

“We had a policy that everyone needed to continue their studies,” Paul explained.

Over the past 30 years, Paul has gained extensive experience through his roles within the carpentry and building industry, and achieved the positions of Manager of Training at the Master Builders Association and CEO of Masters in Building Training. He has been involved in the creation and development of training programs and lectured for the Department of Fair Trading in over 33 cities and towns across NSW for the introduction of their CPD program in 2010. Paul’s mother had advised him that an apprenticeship opens the door to travelling, explaining that,

“You can take your trade with you anywhere you go.”

Paul’s company, Masters in Building Training recently won two Trainer of the Year awards in 2017; the Excellence in Innovation Award and Excellence in Education Award.

“Right now I am very proud of our achievement in the building education realm with over 400 apprentices across three states,” said Paul.

Paul encourages others to take up an apprenticeship as “it is a lifelong investment in yourself.” Paul admits undertaking an apprenticeship can be tough as it takes time, but says the benefits are that you are constantly learning and improving. Completing an apprenticeship equips you with a good work ethic, and enables you to succeed.

“The more you put into your apprenticeship, the better outcomes you can expect.”

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