Charli Continues To Kick Goals

Bathurst high-school student Charli contacted VERTO in August 2018, looking to overcome barriers that had prevented her from gaining employment. Suffering from hearing loss and chronic fatigue, Charli found socialising difficult and was hesitant to explore employment opportunities.

Charli worked with VERTO’s Bathurst team to help her connect with an employer that would understand her needs, but also nurture her obvious potential.

With the goals of completing a barista course and gaining employment in the hospitality industry, VERTO helped Charli secure an interview at her local McDonalds. Charli secured employment as a crew member in October 2018.

Charli has gone on to receive the ‘Employee of the Month’ award in January 2019, while also completing a Certificate III in retail. She accomplished both of these milestones while also working in her new role.

Even though Charli sometimes feels overwhelmed, she knows she is not alone in her employment journey after forming a strong relationship with the VERTO Employment Services team in Bathurst.

“I accept that I need support and VERTO has helped me get to where I want to be with my work and where I am in my life,” said Charli.

“VERTO have been there to listen, accept, and support me within my working day if I need anything at all.”

This attitude has helped Charli continue to kick goals, with her consultant Alyssa commenting on just how important it has been for her to continue to explore opportunities outside of her comfort-zone.

“Recently Charli presented a speech about her experiences in front of a large crowd, which was a huge achievement for her.” said Alyssa.

“I think this just proves that she is willing to challenge herself in every way possible in order to grow and we can expect to see more great things from Charli in this New Year.”