From homeless to thriving: a new future for Xavier

Published: Dec 14, 2022

After a cold winter spent sleeping rough on the streets of Bathurst, 19-year-old Xavier Harron-Logan knew the only way to turn his life around was by reconnecting with his family and finding a job.

So he relocated to Orange to be closer to relatives and approached Centrelink for assistance through the Australian Government’s Workforce Australia program. 

It was there he was introduced to not-for-profit employment, training and apprenticeships provider VERTO, and he says, it was a meeting that transformed his life in a few short hours.

“I didn’t have much work experience, but I was keen to do anything, so a VERTO consultant signed me up and found a job for me at Red Rooster on the same day. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly but that meeting changed my life,” Mr Harron-Logan said.

“Since that meeting with VERTO I’ve been working six days a week for Red Rooster, and I’m determined to get my life back on track.”

VERTO Workforce Australia Case Manager, Holly Lewin, said a very tight jobs market has created opportunities that did not exist previously for many clients like Mr Harron-Logan.

“The hospitality industry is crying out for workers, and this has created new opportunities for our clients which is really wonderful to see,” she said.

“What Mr Harron-Logan lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm and determination. He’s a young man who wants to be given an opportunity to work and create positive change in his life. 

“In four short months, he has shown he can do just that. We are very proud of all he has achieved in a very short space of time,” Ms Lewin said.

Mr Harron-Logan is currently living with family in Orange, but has saved enough money for a bond on a rental property and is hoping to find a house of his own in the new year. He says he is enjoying his newfound independence and can now see a bright future ahead.

“My advice to anyone that is struggling or living in difficult circumstances, is can you can break the cycle,” he said.

“There are organisations out there like VERTO that have your back. They can help find a job and give you the support you need to stay on track. I think with the right support, anything is possible.”

VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell believes Xavier’s story is an inspirational one for all job seekers, and one that should encourage others to seek help when they need it.

“It can be difficult and extremely daunting to know where to start when finding a job but Xavier is proof that anything is possible, and help is at hand,” Mr Maxwell said.

“This is a wonderful and inspiring story of how employment can transform someone’s future. I’m proud that the highly skilled VERTO team in Orange were able to help Xavier find work so quickly and support him as he transitioned into that role.”

If you are a jobseeker, please reach out to VERTO’s experienced Employment Consultants for support on 1300 4 VERTO (1300 483 786), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit for more information. 


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