From Malaysia to Coffs Harbour: how Dim Zam Cing transformed her life with support from VERTO

When Dim Zam Cing arrived in Australia from Malaysia in 2019, she couldn’t speak English, her health was deteriorating, and she was having difficulty finding employment.

Fast forward two years, and Dim has completely turned her life around. With the help of her six children and not-for-profit training organisation, VERTO, she enrolled in an English course, found the medical help she needed and now works on one of Coffs Harbour’s biggest berry farms.

Dim credits this transformation to the help she received soon after arriving in Australia and funding she received through the Disability Employment Services program.

‘I found it hard getting used to my new life. It was so different from everything I knew growing up in Burma and then moving to Malaysia. Even putting on a seat belt when I got in a car felt foreign to me,” she said.

‘I really needed to improve my reading, writing and spelling in order to communicate with Australian people. I enrolled in the Adult Migration English Program, and after approaching VERTO for support, started some driving lessons.

‘These new skills have given me the confidence to face everyday challenges and create a better life for my family in Australia,” Dim said.

After improving her English language skills, Dim found employment with Oz Group Co-op, which has given her independence and confidence.

VERTO’s Client Consultant, Helen Forrest, said the team was inspired by Dim’s hard work and dedication.

‘It’s been a privilege to help Dim on her employment journey,” she said.

‘She’s worked hard to improve her language and driving skills, and her new job has given her a sense of identity and purpose which has helped her settle into her new life here in Coffs Harbour.”

VERTO’s Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, said Dim should be incredibly proud of all she has achieved since her arrival in Australia.

“Dim is the perfect example of how VERTO is helping to change people’s lives by providing them with access to job-ready skills,’ he said.

‘VERTO works with people from all different backgrounds, many of whom have faced significant challenges when it comes to study and employment and may be unsure of what’s next. If you need some guidance, make sure you get in touch.”

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