Joanne finds her dream job with a little help from VERTO

Facing a battle with mental health and struggling with the aftermath of an abusive relationship, Joanne felt like her employment options were limited.

Despite many setbacks, Joanne found the courage to seek help from VERTO’s Employment Services in Orange and is now loving life having successfully re-entered the workforce.

Having recently moved to the Central West from Sydney to care for family, Joanne says she had little stability in her life when she reached out to VERTO.

“When I first came to VERTO I was in a really dark place,” she said.

For Joanne, access to VERTO’s Employment Services was the guiding light she needed. With the help of VERTO consultant Tegan, she was able to get the support and motivation she needed to find her feet.

“With Tegan’s help and encouragement, I felt ready to find employment again,” Joanne explained.

With previous experience in retail, Joanne knew that was the industry in which she was going to thrive, but she needed support to prepare for the transition and find the right opportunity.

“My resume desperately needed updating and the application for the job I really hoped for was online. Without access to a computer I was worried I was going to miss out.

“Tegan revamped my resume, helped me apply and now I am working in my dream role.”

Joanne wants to share her journey with others to encourage them to seek the help they need to achieve their dreams, even when it feels like it’s a big mountain to climb.

“It is important for people to know that critical support services exist and they really do care about you - you just need give them a call.

“Once you reach out, you will find a strength of embrace and support from the team, even when you thought it was all impossible and that you had lost yourself.”

VERTO’s Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, is inspired by Joanne’s story and hopes others hear her message.

“Joanne was able to find the right combination of support she needed to get back to doing what she loves, and I urge others in the community to see what services exist to help them find employment,” said Mr Maxwell.

“VERTO’s Employment Services are located across the Central West. Whatever your challenges and goals, our consultants are trained to help you find work and access any other support you need at no cost.”

For more information on how VERTO’s Employment Services can help, call 1300 483 786 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..