Kyhia leading the charge for clean energy in Orange

Bucking the trend in a male dominated industry, proud Aboriginal woman and Orange resident Kyhia Gilby, 22, is leading the charge in supporting Australia’s growing clean energy sector. 

Kyhia is a second-year electrical apprentice with Transgrid in Orange. She is currently working on Transgrid’s local substations which are increasingly being powered by renewable energy. 

Kyhia said she was attracted to taking up a trade as it is becoming more and more inclusive for women.

“Transgrid has been a really supportive employer. I’ve worked with so many people wanting to teach me new things,” Kyhia said.

“My Dad and Pop are builders, so I’ve had an interest in taking up a trade since I was young.”

The Australian Government’s New Energy Apprenticeships Mentoring Program, now offered in Orange and nationally by VERTO, will support apprentices like Kyhia while they work in the clean energy sector. 

To meet the Australian Government’s Net Zero Plan targets, the New Energy Apprenticeships Mentoring Program aims to encourage and support all Australian apprentices working in the clean energy sector.

Through the program, career-based guidance and advice is delivered through expert industry mentors, paired with peer support and networking opportunities for individuals in the clean energy sector across Australia. 

VERTO Chief Executive, Ron Maxwell, said hard working apprentices like Kyhia deserved all the support the industry could offer. 
“Clean energy is a rapidly growing sector, and one where today’s apprentices, like Kyhia, will play a significant role in tomorrow’s outcomes for us all,” Mr. Maxwell said. 

“We are incredibly excited to be selected by the Australian Government to deliver the New Energy Apprenticeships Mentoring Program and play a significant role in this evolving industry.”