Mary’s new business cleaning up with a little help from VERTO

A necessary career change following an unexpected injury has been a blessing in disguise for Crescent Head’s Mary Scott, as she turned a local community need into a successful small laundry business.

Called Fresh as a Daisy Laundry Service, Ms Scott offers cleaning, washing, drying, folding and ironing services to local bed and breakfast owners, holiday markers and busy working mums.

“I previously worked as a support worker but unfortunately got injured and had to consider my options. I was speaking to a local real estate agent and because we have no laundromat in Crescent Head and a lack of laundry options, it seemed like the perfect career opportunity for me,” Ms Scott said.

Ms Scott admitted she didn’t know a lot about running a successful small business, so she turned to VERTO’s Self-Employment Assistance team for help.

“To be honest, I couldn’t have done this without them,” Ms Scott said. “Margo helped me set goals, provided me with lots of advice and training and helped with my marketing.

“I love the flexibility of being my own boss – This isn’t a 9 to 5 job, I can work it around my commitments and I know I’m providing a service that the community needs.”

VERTO Self-Employment Assistance Facilitator Margo Muir said she was proud to see how far Mary has come in less than 12 months of operating her business.

“Mary identified something that would benefit her local community, and her commitment to learning and being a successful business owner is to be commended.”

VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell said Mary was further proof of how the Australian Government-funded Self-Employment Assistance program at VERTO was helping turn dreams into reality.

“Mary is the perfect example of how you can bounce back from any kind of setback and with a little support and guidance, you can turn any passion or idea into a successful small business,” Mr Maxwell said.

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