National skills week puts microscope on benefits of VET: VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell

VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell believes Australia’s National Skills Week (21-27 August) is the perfect opportunity to promote the real-life benefits of vocational education and training (VET).

“Today, the VET sector fuels careers in Australia’s largest and fastest-growing industries, and studies have shown that nine out of ten of the biggest jobs of the future will require a VET qualification,” Mr Maxwell said.

“Vocational education and training powers many of Australia’s industries. For example, in the healthcare and social assistance sector, nearly one third of employees hold VET qualifications. This is an industry that is tipped to grow considerably over the next five years, only increasing demand for qualified workers.

“I encourage anyone at school or completing their HSC, as well as their parents and/or carers, to use National Skills Week as an opportunity to consider how VET can help young people future-proof their skills or build an exciting new career.”

While VET is often linked with traditional apprenticeship careers, such as building, carpentry or electrical, Mr Maxwell suggested school leavers and job seekers take a closer look.

“There are more than 500 apprenticeship and traineeship career options, and long gone are the days when it’s only males that undertake apprenticeships,” he said.

“Not only can you earn while you learn during an apprenticeship or traineeship, the reality is that on average, VET graduates earn $2,000 more than university counterparts in their first year, and this is only likely to increase as demand outstrips supply in many industries.

“In a world that moves so quickly, forward-thinking employers are looking for VETs’ combination of on-the-job training and study to build the practical skills they need to thrive into the future.”

National Skills Week 2021 will run from 21–27 August. More information can be found at

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