Randall defies the odds after brain injury

When a traumatic brain injury left Randall Jones hospitalised for five months, he was unsure what his life would look like or if he’d ever work again.

Against the odds, the Orange local made an incredible recovery, learning how to walk and speak with the help of allied health professionals.

The next step in Randall’s recovery was re-entering the workforce, which he’s achieved through the Disability Employment Services (DES) program run by non-for-profit training organisation, VERTO.

Randall said he was worried his brain injury would limit his employability options after spending so much time recovering in hospital.

“I knew getting a job was going to be a challenge but I had plenty of experience in the construction and transport industries, as well as working in the Army Reserve as a mechanic,” he said.

“It was about finding the right support to get back into the workforce and building confidence after my world was turned upside down. This is where VERTO has been a great help.”

VERTO assisted Randall to find work in areas where he had existing skills, such as building kennels for Iron Bark Pet Homes and doing maintenance work for Central West Logistics.

He is now working for Ron Finemore Transport, and while he isn’t behind the wheel just yet, he hopes he can one day get back to driving trucks, a job he loved doing prior to his injury.

VERTO’s Client Consultant, Brooke McDonald, said Randall has always been very eager to work and willing to try his hand at anything.

“It’s his ‘can do’ attitude that has propelled him forward on his employment journey in a short amount of time,” she said.

“We work with many clients like Randall who need help after an accident or injury, but he is certainly one of our star performers.”

VERTO’s Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, said finding meaningful employment after an accident or injury doesn’t have to be a challenge.

“Suffering a traumatic injury can be a terrifying ordeal, with serious implications for the way people live, but it doesn’t have to define your employment opportunities,” he said.

“Finding the right job with the right employer plays a really big role in recovery. It's something we see every day at VERTO, and stories like Randall's make me so proud of what our team and our clients can achieve together.”

For more information on how VERTO can assist, visit www.verto.org.au or phone 1300 4 VERTO (1300 487 386).