Toby Finds His Passion in a Newcastle Kitchen

VERTO offers CareerGate, a free online career quiz that helps individuals select the right career path. It looks at a person’s skills and interests, and then makes suggestions on what career would suit them best.

VERTO uses this service to help match Australian Apprentices with the right employer to ensure they maximise their apprenticeship at no cost to the individual.

Lizzie, the owner of the East End Hub cafe in Newcastle, met with VERTO’s CareerGate specialist Sarah Box to find an apprentice chef. She hoped that Sarah and the Newcastle team could help to find a candidate that embodied the values that aligned with the culture that Lizzie and her team had created within the East End Hub business.  

19-year-old Toby, who is very passionate about food and cooking, was put forward as a candidate.

When Toby was told in November 2019 that Lizzie had selected him to join her team, he was incredibly excited to join the business and to start working as soon as possible.

The hospitality industry is notorious for high staff turnover, and after not having much luck with previous apprentices, Lizzie was thankful to VERTO for their help finding Toby.

“I really appreciate the support from Sarah Box, Simon Mumford, and the entire VERTO team for helping to bring Toby on board as an apprentice at East End Hub.

“Finding a candidate that fit in well with our business had proved difficult in the past, so this assistance was very much welcome,” Lizzie said.

“They were incredibly hands on as they guided me through the process, ensuring Toby’s seamless transition into our business.”

Now working full-time and still willing to take on any task required, Lizzie and the VERTO Newcastle team are happy to see that Toby has found his true passion in East End Hub’s kitchen.