Tom's Journey to Employment With VERTO

VERTO Employment Services Operations Manager Peta Childs with Thomas Rose

Tom began his journey with VERTO four years ago, as a Disability Employment Services Client. He has multiple disabilities including epilepsy, which has caused other health issues such as Tom having liver failure three times due to the amount of medication he is on. He also has three different types of arthritis, and is currently waiting for a hip replacement as he has been told he will be in a wheelchair by the age of 30 (Tom is currently 29).

Tom’s disabilities resulted in him losing his job as a nurse, which he found devastating,
“I didn’t know what to do, I was lost. I had worked hard to become a nurse and had no other qualifications,” he said.

Without a job, Tom’s mental health started to decline. He developed anxiety and depression and struggled to get through the day. He then decided that he needed to find support, which led him to VERTO.
“The VERTO Disability Employment Services Consultants were great. Before I started with VERTO I wasn’t the most confident person. They helped me identify my goals, and assisted me to find support to work through my mental health problems,” Tom said. As his confidence grew, Tom became more motivated. Within his first year at VERTO, he commenced ten certificates and completed nine.

Over the four years Tom has been a client, VERTO has found him employment and placed him in three jobs. At one of his jobs, Tom experienced a hostile working environment. He explained, “VERTO helped as soon as I raised the issue, and found me another job within a week.”

VERTO also assisted Tom throughout the process of gaining his licence, which has enabled him to experience more independence. Finding the right job has meant that Tom has been able to improve his mental health and find fulfilment.

To find out more about VERTO’s Disability Employment Services, call our team on 1300 4 VERTO.