VERTO’s new CEO Mr Ron Maxwell has been busy throughout March and April, visiting the 25 VERTO sites, to mark the beginning of a three month long VERTO 101 campaign.

VERTO is rolling the integrated services campaign out between 1st April to 10th July in order to promote and engage local business and stakeholders to their “wrap around” services.

Mr Maxwell stated, “We’re a community owned not-for-profit organisation delivering a range of vocational services to assist individuals, employers and industries throughout NSW. Further to customised business solutions VERTO 101 is about connecting with local communities and reminding people of the wide array of services we offer”.

VERTO specialises in delivering employment services, Australian Apprenticeships, registered training, tenancy advice and a range of community support programs. When asked what VERTO is hoping to achieve over the next three months, he enthusiastically replied, “We are striving to change lives by connecting people with job opportunities, training and skills development, and Australian Apprenticeships during the VERTO 101 campaign”.