VERTO 101 campaign delivers results for local communities

VERTO Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, today congratulated the entire VERTO team for the outstanding results they achieved as part of the VERTO 101 campaign.

Mr Maxwell said the campaign, which ran for 101 days (from 1 April to 10 July 2014) was about changing peoples’ lives and helping local businesses across New South Wales.

"As part of the campaign we hosted launch events, advertised our services through radio and print media, and rebranded our entire fleet of site cars," Mr Maxwell said.

"We wanted to raise the profile of our brand so more people across our footprint knew they could come to us for support.

“Our team specialises in making job placements, providing community support services, assisting businesses to sign up apprenticeships and traineeships, and training.

“The results of the campaign speak for themselves.

“During the campaign we placed 619 people into jobs, enrolled 1366 people in training, helped 896 people through our community support services, and signed up 356 apprentices or trainees,” Mr Maxwell said.

Mr Maxwell also said the highest performing sites were from different parts of New South Wales.

“Our Albury South West Tenants’ Advice Service, Bathurst Job Services Australia arm, Newcastle training centre and North Coast Australian Apprenticeships Centre achieved the best results company-wide.

“Given data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday indicated the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in New South Wales is remaining steady (at 5.7 per cent), we need to continue to work hard to assist the many long term unemployed people in our community,” Mr Maxwell said.

Mr Maxwell said VERTO looked forward to running similar campaigns to VERTO 101 in the future.

“Making our brand and services better known in the community allows us to change more lives and support more businesses.

“At the end of the day, this is at the heart of what we do,” Mr Maxwell said.