VERTO deepens its commitment to Indigenous Australians

Not-for-profit education, training and apprenticeships provider VERTO has launched its 2022-2024 Innovate Reconciliation Australia Plan (RAP), continuing its commitment to maximising outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, the plan fosters culturally-inclusive behaviours and commercial decisions across the organisation to increase outcomes for Australia’s Indigenous communities. 

VERTO launched its inaugural RAP in 2020, and CEO Ron Maxwell said continuing this commitment into 2024 is an important step in the organisation’s mission to positively impact individuals and communities.

“As an education and training provider, VERTO plays an important role in creating a brighter future for all Australians, and our RAP seeks to ensure we are considering an Indigenous perspective in everything we do,” he said.

VERTO has a proud history of delivering outcomes for Indigenous Australians through its programs and services, including the landmark Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program, which supports youth in the Central West to celebrate their culture while walking in two worlds.

“We support more than 1,500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through our frontline programs and services each year, and we continue to set ambitious goals to maximise our impact. The RAP is a core component of our internal commitment and organisational culture,” Mr Maxwell said.

The current plan will be in place until August 2024, and will ensure the organisation maintains mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous stakeholders, promotes reconciliation through its sphere of influence and continues to support positive race relations through anti-discrimination strategies.

VERTO’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan is available here.


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