VERTO delivers the goods for Coffs Harbour business

When Coffs Electrical and White Good Repairs were ready to employ their second apprentice, they knew exactly who to turn to for support.

Business owner, Debbie Fellows, said previous positive experiences working with non-for-profit training organisation VERTO made them an obvious choice for the family-run business.

“Taking on an apprentice is an important decision for any business and comes with responsibilities,” she said.

“I think it can be overwhelming for a small business to know where to start when it comes to recruiting, training and retaining apprentices, but our experience with VERTO’s Coffs Harbour consultant, Barry Quayle, has been wonderful.

“Barry has been able to link us up with a registered training organisation, provide a training contract for our apprentice to sign, assess our eligibility for incentives and provide advice and support during the apprenticeship.

“We would happily recommend VERTO to other businesses who are wanting to employ an apprentice,” Ms Fellows said. 

VERTO is a provider of the Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Program across all parts of New South Wales.

Australian Apprenticeships (including apprenticeships and traineeships) are open to people of any working age in more than 500 occupations.

VERTO’s Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, said VERTO takes great pride in helping both apprentices and employers to maximise the apprenticeships experience.

“VERTO's Apprenticeships team work closely with local businesses to provide information and support, as well as access to eligible subsidies and government support for employers, apprentices and trainees alike,” Mr Maxwell said.

“Hiring an apprentice can be a great investment for your business and gives you the opportunity to guide and mentor the next generation of workers.

“Coffs Electrical and White Good Repairs are just one of many examples of local businesses coming to VERTO for assistance because we make the process as smooth as possible, and our AASN team pride themselves on going above and beyond to help those who need it in our local communities.”

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