VERTO helps Allan overcome obstacles to find stable employment

Parkes resident, Allan Roach, who has been unemployed for the best part of the last decade, is now realising the benefits of secure employment thanks to customised, one-on-one support from VERTO.

Mr Roach, who has learning and literacy barriers and physical limitations, struggled with mental health issues when he first met with VERTO Disability Employment Consultant Carlee Davis in October 2020. 

“When I met Allan, he was struggling mentally and facing significant financial issues. He was in a dark place and didn’t know what he was going to do,” Ms Davis said. “He had not worked since 2019, and his last job before that was in 2012.”

Although there were several obstacles in front of him, Ms Davis was determined to help Mr Roach build the confidence and commitment to find stable employment. 

“Initially, Allan was getting upset at appointments. Unemployment can be a very difficult road.  But as we got to know each other, he began to trust me and show more enthusiasm towards finding a job,” Ms Davis said.

In February 2021, Ms Davis contacted John Calvani, of local Forbes stone-crushing business, Calvani Crushing, to discuss potential employment options for Mr Roach. Ms Davis helped Mr Calvani see the benefits of hiring someone with a disability, including significant wage subsidies. After several weeks of discussions, Mr Calvani created a yard person position for Mr Roach.

“Allan’s position has enabled him to operate different machines within depot perimeters and whilst being reliable, his enthusiasm opened the door to operate out into the field with leading hand supervision on various job sites,” Mr Calvani said.

“The introduction into bulldozer work has been Allan’s preference to date and with his willingness to learn, he has earnt the respect of fellow work colleagues and he has become a valuable asset to our company.”

Mr Davis added, “VERTO is the best place I’ve been with. Carlee is unstoppable – she goes above and beyond helping me. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. I’ve never had support like VERTO gives me.”

VERTO CEO, Ron Maxwell, said that ongoing unemployment can be demoralising for anyone, but particularly for job seekers who face additional obstacles.

“For job seekers with a disability or other barriers, it’s often as much about the confidence to get back into the workforce as it is about the skills,” he said.

“Employment really does change lives. It’s something we see every day at VERTO, and stories like Allan’s make me so proud of what our team and our clients can achieve together.”

VERTO supports people of all abilities and backgrounds to reach their employment goals. For more information contact VERTO on 1300 4 VERTO (1300 483 786) or visit