VERTO Jobseekers Successful in Indigenous Placement Program with Diversity Dimensions

VERTO Jobseekers Christine Hill, Madison Lynch and Joyce Wallace

In April, VERTO put forward three Indigenous jobseekers to take part in the Diversity Dimensions Indigenous Job Placement Program. The program matches potential employers and job seekers, allowing the two to work together for a period of time, with the aim of securing ongoing employment if there is a match. Indigenous jobseekers can be limited in their employment opportunities and programs like this offer specific structures to support them on this journey.

For these three young people, participation in the program formed part of their job and activity plans. VERTO partners with each client to create an individual plan that takes into account their existing skills and their goals. “In the case of these three jobseekers, the Diversity Dimensions program was a great fit in offering the opportunity to trial working for local employers” says Stacey Callan, Team Leader, Employment Services at VERTO.

VERTO is committed to supporting all their clients, and that support goes beyond finding the right programs. The jobseekers were able to access a range of formal and informal support during the program.  “We are on hand to help our clients make the most of the opportunities.  In the case of these three jobseekers that additional support included individual coaching sessions, organising uniforms and providing transport to the location,” Stacey says.

With VERTO’s support, combined with their own tenacity and determination to find employment, all three were successful in finishing the program and were offered ongoing employment.  For two of the jobseekers, the opportunities were right for them and they are now in permanent part-time roles with local Woolworths branches in Central West NSW. 

“This employment can be life-changing for young people, particularly in regional areas, where it can be harder to come by. Programs like Diversity Dimensions provide indigenous people with opportunities to connect with employers and remove barriers to employment, such as lack of confidence and past mistakes,” Stacey says. “In the case of these jobseekers, they have overcome significant challenges to secure employment, that can break generational cycles and offer financial stability, and we couldn’t be more proud of them,” she concludes.