VERTO Partners with Tradeswomen Australia

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, VERTO is proud to announce that it has become a silver sponsor of Tradeswomen Australia in 2020.

Tradeswomen Australia was established to encourage, recruit and retain women in skilled trade roles that are male-dominated. The team supports industries to capitalise on previously untapped workers by engaging all stakeholders and leading large-scale culture change projects.

Mr Maxwell said that as a provider of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network services in New South Wales, VERTO was committed to encouraging and supporting more women to enter non-traditional trades.

“Encouraging female participation in trades will help to fix the ongoing issue of skills shortages, and would also play a role in reducing rising youth unemployment rates, “ Mr Maxwell said.

“The Grattan Institute also found that an increase in female participation of just six per cent could equal a boost to our economy of $25 billion over a decade.

“We are proud to partner with a strong voice like Tradeswomen Australia, and to support them in their work to break down barriers, dispel stereotypes and to ensure females feel empowered to enter the trade of their choice.”

Tradeswomen Australia’s Managing Director, Fiona McDonald, said the foundation was excited to have VERTO on board as a sponsor this year.  

“We are excited to be partnering with VERTO in 2020 as we work together to increase the representation of women across skilled trade apprenticeships and traineeships,” Ms McDonald said.

“Tradeswomen Australia is dedicated to gender equality and empowerment for all girls and women to access, participate and succeed in trades.

“Tradeswomen Australia acknowledges that to increase the participation rates of women in trades a long-term systemic approach is needed and involves collaboration between employers, Industry, VET providers, schools, policymakers and legislators, parents and the community at large.

“We are excited to be partnering with VERTO this year as we work together to drive systemic change and increase diversity.” Ms McDonald said.