VERTO reports new statistics show more people are completing training

Data released today by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) shows national training completion rates are slowly improving.

The research has found the percentage of people likely to complete publicly funded training rose from 32.1 per cent for those who enrolled in 2009, compared to 35.8 per cent for those who enrolled in 2012.

VERTO Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, said the findings in the report (Australian vocational education training and statistics: the likelihood of completing a VET qualification 2009-12) were particularly promising for students aged 25 years and under who were in full-time study.

“46.4 per cent of students 25 years of age and younger who enrolled in 2012 (with no prior post-school qualification) are likely to complete their qualification compared with 43.7 per cent of those who enrolled in 2009.

"The report also shows that the higher the level of qualification that is undertaken, the more likely the student is to complete the course.

“Students undertaking qualifications from diploma level and above are 44.3 per cent likely to complete their course.

"These findings are promising given research released last month showed 41,800 less young people (aged between 14 and 24 years) enrolled in publicly funded vocational education and training in 2013 compared with 2012,” Mr Maxwell said.

Mr Maxwell also said that the report suggests that the field of study students enter appears to be linked to higher completion rates.

“Qualifications in society and culture (46.9 per cent), sciences (52.8 per cent) and education (62.4 per cent) see the highest rates of completion.

“General education courses (including literacy and numeracy), architecture and building, food, hospitality and personal services are all qualifications that are least likely to be completed,” Mr Maxwell said.

Mr Maxwell also said he hoped upcoming state government initiatives would help to encourage more young people not only to enrol in qualifications in New South Wales, but to complete them.

“The report finds New South Wales training completion rates are slightly above the national average, at 36.6 per cent for those who enrolled in 2009, and 38 per cent for those who enrolled in 2012.

“However, more needs to be done to attract students to qualifications and to ensure our completion rates increase.

“We look forward to the commencement of the New South Wales Government’s $95 million Smart and Skilled program (effective 1 January 2015), which will allow people who are eligible and unemployed to access allowances for training and better skill them for employment.

“With the unemployment rate now at its highest point since August 2002, and with New South Wales’ unemployment rate climbing to 5.9 per cent in July, a robust training system is needed to get more people into jobs,” Mr Maxwell said.