VERTO services come full circle for Wisam

Wisam approached VERTO back in 2016 after two previous unsuccessful attempts at completing an apprenticeship. Knowing that keeping on top of his studies was crucial to being successful, Wisam contacted the VERTO Sydney team to help him back on the road to finding his passion.

With VERTO’s support, Wisam found an employer that used a 1-on-1-style approach, which worked best for him. His hard work and determination led him to become a fully qualified tradesman.

Fast-forward 7-months and his VERTO consultant Steve received a phone call from Wisam who had just established his own business, Kings Electrical Group. Steve and the team were excited to see the progress Wisam had made in such a short space of time and his desire to help out a jobseeker.

“I was surprised when he called me a couple weeks ago and said ‘Steve, I have my own company now, I want an apprentice to join me’,” Steve explained. Wisam has recently signed-up Ahmed to join him as an apprentice. Wisam and Steve have both spoken to Ahmed about the importance of TAFE, keeping on top of his studies and logging work during his apprenticeship.

“I made sure when Ahmed started with me that he was to be logging his work for TAFE on a weekly basis for me to sign off on,” Wisam said, “I wish someone had done that for me when I first started.”

Wisam places great importance on his new apprentice learning from the mistakes he made in his employment journey and is keen to see Ahmed, with VERTO’s support, succeed in finishing his apprenticeship.