VERTO shines a light on valuable VET careers this national apprenticeship week

National Apprenticeship Week (February 12-18) shines a spotlight on the achievements of Australian apprentices, trainees, and the employers who support their development.

According to VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell, the week is also the perfect opportunity to promote the real-life benefits of pursuing a Vocational Education and Training (VET) career.

“National Apprenticeship Week is a great chance for current Year 11 and 12 students considering their futures, school leavers, job seekers or anyone looking for a new career, to understand the exciting and very achievable opportunities that lie in VET,” Mr Maxwell said.

“Today, the VET sector fuels careers in Australia’s largest and fastest-growing industries, with studies showing that nine out of ten of the future’s most employment accessible occupations will require a VET qualification.

“Apprentices and trainees are powering some of Australia's largest and fastest-growing industries such as healthcare and social assistance, with 31 per cent of workers in this industry holding VET qualifications.”

While VET is often linked to traditional apprenticeship careers, such as building, carpentry, electrical and hairdressing, Mr Maxwell suggested school leavers and job seekers take a closer look at what’s on offer.

“There are more than 500 apprenticeship and traineeship career options, and long gone are the days when it’s only males that undertake apprenticeships,” he said.

“Not only can you earn while you learn during an apprenticeship or traineeship, the reality is that on average, VET graduates earn $2,000 more than university counterparts in their first year, benefitting from hands-on and real-life experience with no HECS debts, and brighter job prospects.

“So building a VET career really is a great investment in your future.”

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 will run from 12–18 February. More information can be found at

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