VERTO supports International Day of People with Disability

VERTO Chief Executive Officer, Ron Maxwell, today celebrated people living with disability and the valuable contribution they make to society as part of International Day of People with Disability (which is held on 3 December).

Mr Maxwell said VERTO was proud to support people with disability as a Disability Employment Services provider for over 20 years and as the host of the National Disability Coordination Officer role for the Western New South Wales region for over six years.

"We’re proud to be a provider of Disability Employment Services in Bathurst, Kempsey, Lithgow, Mudgee and Port Macquarie," Mr Maxwell said.

"Since 2010, VERTO has placed over 750 job seekers with disability into employment with nearly 500 employers.

“In the past year alone we’ve placed over 200 job seekers with disability into employment, and we’ve worked with over 170 local employers to achieve this,” Mr Maxwell said.

VERTO’s local achievements over the last 12 months include:

  • Bathurst - making placements with over 70 employers.
  • Kempsey - making placements with over 15 employers.
  • Lithgow - making placements with over 20 employers.
  • Mudgee - making placements with over 10 employers
  • Port Macquarie - making placements with over 50 employers.

Mr Maxwell said VERTO offers a range of support to both job seekers and employers as part of their Disability Employment Services arm.

“Our team provides assessments to identify personal goals and abilities, job search advice, resume writing and interview preparation, referrals to training and work experience, support in the workplace or study environment to ensure success, and advice for employers and training providers to support individual needs,” Mr Maxwell said.

“We also provide specialist support to people with disability through our Registered Training Organisation, Australian Apprenticeships Centre and Transition to Work program.

“Given findings released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 35 to 54 are around 2.7 times more likely to have a disability than non-Indigenous people, our specialist Aboriginal employment programs such as New Careers for Aboriginal People are also critical in helping to support cohorts who are more susceptible to disability.
“VERTO looks forward to continuing to support people living with disability across New South Wales to achieve their training and career goals,” Mr Maxwell said.