VERTO welcomes Careers NSW initiative to address skills shortages

Training and employment services provider, VERTO, has welcomed the NSW Government’s Careers NSW initiative, recognising it as a critical step in boosting apprentice commencements to address skill shortages.

The Careers NSW initiative will connect people at all career stages to real-world career advice and support to find the right pathways into in-demand industries, including advanced manufacturing and construction.

“Australia’s national skills deficit is predicted to reach 29 million by 2030. Careers NSW will connect people to the right career pathways and is an important step towards addressing this shortfall,” VERTO Chief Executive Officer Ron Maxwell said.

With apprenticeships expected to play a significant role in Australia’s economic recovery, Mr Maxwell hopes the initiative will increase commencements in NSW.

“Declining apprenticeship numbers have been a concern for some time and it’s crucial that we rectify this as we move into economic recovery,” he said.

“Apprenticeships are a critical mechanism to address youth unemployment, upskill and retrain displaced workers and help businesses grow in the wake of the pandemic.”  

The initiative, which will begin this year with a full roll out by 2022, is open to those at all career levels, from school leavers to mature-aged workers.

“Apprenticeships are often seen as a career option for school leavers, but they are also a great option for more experienced workers to transition to a new career in an industry with excellent job prospects,” Mr Maxwell said.

“Because apprentices earn while they learn, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to transition careers without losing an income.”

As the pandemic recedes, there are a number of apprenticeship incentives and initiatives on offer. VERTO supports apprentices and employers across NSW, ACT and Victoria with all their employment and training needs. For more information visit or phone 1300 4 VERTO (1300 483 786).