Our Vision is to be the lead provider of services which contribute to the economic health and well-being of the community.

Our Purpose

We are committed to building the community through the provision of training, employment and community services.

We contribute by providing:

  1. Diverse services that directly address social and economic disadvantage by removing barriers and providing specialist support for people who are long term unemployed, have disability, have low skills and are geographically isolated
  2. Targeted assistance for individuals, business and industry
  3. Lifelong learning opportunities that are accessible and relevant to current and future workforces

Our Guiding Principles

At VERTO the following principles guide our work, behaviours and decision making:

  • Our People
    We will invest in our people, their environment and the promotion of a learning culture
  • Community Benefit
    The outcomes of our services will benefit the community and promote social and economic inclusion
  • Integrity
    We will act honestly and ethically and remain accountable for our actions
  • Financial Viability
    We will maintain a mix of programs which ensure the financial sustainability of our organisation
  • Capability
    We will continually strive to enhance our service delivery
  • Partnerships
    We will foster productive respectful partnerships that contribute to realising our purpose
  • Resources
    We will use resources sustainably
  • Innovation and Research
    We will innovate and use research to inform our decisions
  • Diversity
    We will value and promote diversity