If you are looking for assessment, advice, and guidance on transitioning into a new role or new career, VERTO’s Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers (Skills Checkpoint) program can help!

Specifically designed for older workers aged 45-70, the program provides eligible Australians with assessment, advice, and guidance on transitioning into new roles within their current industry or pathways to a new career, including referral to relevant education and training options. If you are eligible, you can access up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) to fund suitable education and training options, as outlined in your career plan, to reach your employment goals.

To visit our dedicated Skills Checkpoint website with more information and resources, click here.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged 45 to 70 years old, who is either:

  • Employed and at risk of entering the income support system (e.g., those in industries undergoing structural adjustment); or
  • Unemployed for no more than three consecutive months and not registered for assistance through an employment services program, such as jobactive.

The Skills Checkpoint Program is an initiative of the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business. Skills Checkpoint is available through VERTO in New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory.

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VERTO partners with National Seniors Australia

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VERTO and National Seniors Australia have entered into this strategic agreement in order to promote the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria.

VERTO’s Chief Executive, Ron Maxwell, said VERTO was proud to work with such a respected member-based organisation like National Seniors Australia.

“National Seniors Australia has an excellent reputation as a strong voice for older Australians,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“Their advocacy and research have helped to improve the lives of many older Australians, and we look forward to working together to help those aged 45 to 70 who may be at risk of unemployment to continue in the workforce.”

National Seniors Australia General Manager, Chris Grice, said initiatives such as the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program are more important now than ever.

To learn more, please visit the National Seniors Australia website - https://nationalseniors.com.au.


Information for Employers

How does Skills Checkpoint help employers?

VERTO can utilise the Skills Checkpoint program to help employers better manage and train their older workers aged 45 to 70, through a personalised support program.

Services include:

  • Assisting employees to transition to a new career

While we all want to see our employees grow within our businesses, at times circumstances mean that the role they currently fill is no longer available.

Skills Checkpoint can help by providing these employees with professional, individualised career planning, assessment, and training.

Our service can assist them to identify existing skills that could be used to transition to another career, and if required, access additional training that could better position them for this transition. Each person gets a specialised career plan tailored to their individual circumstances, matched to the skills and requirements of their local employment market.

  • Up-skilling at-risk employees to face a changed future

In some cases, it’s not the role that’s disappearing; it’s more a case of your staff needing new skills to match future business requirements.

VERTO can assist by working with you to identify these skill gaps and then building individual training plans to ensure your employees have the opportunity to gain the skills they need.

In these circumstances, you may be eligible for the Skills Checkpoint training incentive which matches employer contributions dollar-for-dollar employers, up to a total training cost of $4,000.

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Information for Job Seekers

How does Skills Checkpoint work for individuals?

VERTO’s Skills Checkpoint program is specifically designed to help older workers find a way forward.