The Transition to Work (TtW) employment service helps young people aged 15-24 into work (including apprenticeships and training) or education.

Participants receive intensive, pre-employment support to develop practical skills to get a job, connect with education or training, find local job opportunities and connect with relevant local community services.

TtW will help eligible participants prepare for a job by building their skills and confidence to continue their education, or help participants prepare to start a new job.

VERTO is proud to have been selected by the Australian Government to deliver the TtW program across the Hunter and North Coast regions, and will help participants:

  • Develop practical skills
  • Get education or training
  • Find and finish work experience placements to give participants a recent employment experience
  • Connect participants with local job opportunities
  • Connect participants with relevant local community services.

VERTO will ensure young people meet employers needs and are supported to settle into a job by:

  • Providing pre-employment skills training that meets the needs of local employers and the labour market
  • Providing work experience placements to see if a potential employee is suitable for the job
  • Negotiating Youth Bonus wage subsidies of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) if employers offer ongoing employment to TtW job seekers
  • Providing post-placement support to make sure your new employee settles into their job.

To participate in TtW participants must be:

  • Between 15-24 years old

And, either:

  • An Australian citizen, or
  • A holder of a permanent visa, New Zealand Special Category Visa, or Nominated Visa (including Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Visa).

It will also depend on whether participants:

  • Have a Year 12 certificate or Certificate III
  • Have been employed within the last six months
  • Are receiving an income support payment such as Youth Allowance
  • Are participating in another employment service including jobactive.

For more information about Transition to Work, phone 1300 483 786.