Service Delivery Plan For Employers

About VERTO...

  • VERTO is your local employment and training specialist with over 30 years' experience in Central West NSW. We are a community owned and not-for-profit company offering you a one-stop-shop employment and training service solution. We work closely with local service providers in your community so we can achieve the best outcomes for you.
  • VERTO is certified and accredited to both the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 and the Disability Service Standards and follows the Department of Employment's Quality Assurance Framework. This means the services you receive from VERTO are measured against high quality standards.
  • VERTO has 13 Workforce Development Offices in your local area and we can assist you from any of these locations. (Bathurst, Blayney, Condobolin, Cowra, Forbes, Gulgong, Kandos, Lithgow, Mudgee, Oberon, Orange, Parkes and West Wyalong). 
  • VERTO has a team of marketing and communication specialists who publish and distribute success stories to local newspapers, radio and national and local TV networks. We promote local employers, community partners, successful placements, local events, Work for the Dole activities, sponsorships and the positive results of our government funded employment and training programmes.
  • VERTO has a dedicated Learning and Development team committed to continuously training our employees (e.g. cultural and disability awareness training) to ensure you have access to the best Workforce Development Consultants in the industry.
  • VERTO uses a Continuous Improvement Strategy to ensure we are always improving the quality of our service offering to you. We will continuously incorporate innovation and continuous improvement in employer engagement at a local level throughout the contract. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance and Risk team and engage external auditors in order to minimise risk to stakeholders and to ensure a quality operation.

About Our Networks... 

  • We will actively identify new opportunities and partnerships to expand our network and service offerings to provide long lasting benefits to our communities, customers and all government stakeholders. Our management team and Workforce Development Consultants will regularly engage with key local stakeholders.
  • We will enter into formal agreements with local service providers, jobactive organisations, Work for the Dole Coordinator organisations, employers, support organisations and training companies to create better outcomes for our communities. We will clearly communicate our shared goals, roles and responsibilities and ensure all customers and stakeholders are considered in all of our decisions.
  • We will host and facilitate local stakeholder networking, Chief Executive Officer meet-and-greet sessions and information forums to introduce you to local businesses, to help raise the profile of your company within the industry and local community, and to collect different ideas on local labour market issues and solutions.

Our Service Delivery Promise To Employers

  • We will build long lasting relationships with you by developing a knowledge of your organisation's history, services, practices and key personnel via our Business Needs Analysis process to identify how we can best assist you to recruit and skill your work force.
  • We will tailor a Workforce Development Plan to ensure our specific commitments to you are clearly stated. We will document local workforce development strategies and work with local training providers to up-skill job seekers with the skills specifically identified by you.
  • We will support you via VERTO's range of services such as our Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, Community Support Services and Registered Training Organisation, so these services can assist you to develop your business and your work force.
  • We will have a dedicated Aboriginal Services Coordinator servicing the Central West NSW region. This consultant will be available to assist you with an Indigenous Employment Strategy and mentor your new Indigenous employees.
  • We will provide you with the best assistance when recruiting, including access to interview facilities, Wi-Fi, template interview scripts and targeted training solutions, at no cost to you.
  • We will assist you, depending on your circumstances and eligibility, to access wage subsidies and other incentives to assist with the initial cost of training and induction of your new employee(s).
  • We will assist large employers with your recruitment needs by working with you to develop tailored pre-employment training plans and to offer the possibility of having a dedicated VERTO employee co-locate on your premises to support the process.
  • We will provide you with our Employer Service Guarantee and take time, cost and distraction out of the recruitment process by providing services to support your needs (including shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking), and providing access to professional interview facilities.
  • We will provide an individualised Employment Support Plan once a job seeker has commenced work with you, and our trained Workforce Development Consultants will support you and your new employee for six months after commencement via phone and on-site visits. Support may include access online support, additional training, wage subsidies and assistance by our Australian Apprenticeship Support Network service to you assist you immediately after your employee has commenced.
  • We will actively work with other jobactive organisations, Disability Works Australia, Vocational Training Employment Centres and Disability Employment Service providers, labour hire firms and training companies to ensure you are provided with coordinated access to the most suitable person for your business.
  • We will host and facilitate local employer networking and information sessions to introduce you to other local businesses, to help raise the profile of your company, and to share the latest industry and labour market information with you.
  • We will conduct quarterly employer surveys to gather up-to-date information about the Central West NSW labour market and the future training and employment needs of local businesses.
  • We will seek feedback on employees we refer to you and have a feedback and complaints process in place in order to make continual improvements to our services for you.