Service Delivery Plan For Job Seekers

About VERTO...

  • VERTO is your local employment and training specialist with over 30 years' experience in Central West NSW. We are a community owned and not-for-profit company offering you a one-stop-shop employment and training service solution. We work closely with local service providers in your community so we can achieve the best outcomes for you.
  • VERTO has 13 Workforce Development Offices in your local area and we can assist you from any of these locations. (Bathurst, Blayney, Condobolin, Cowra, Forbes, Gulgong, Kandos, Lithgow, Mudgee, Oberon, Orange, Parkes and West Wyalong).
  • VERTO has a dedicated Learning and Development team committed to continuously training our employees (e.g. cultural and disability awareness training) to ensure you have access to the best Workforce Development Consultants in the industry.
  • VERTO ensures we are always providing the best possible customer experience and improving the quality of our services so you feel well supported when finding a job.
  • VERTO is certified and accredited to both the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 and the DisabilityService Standards and follows the Department of Employment's Quality Assurance Framework. This means all the services you receive from VERTO are measured against high quality standards.

About our networks...

  • We will actively identify new opportunities and partnerships to expand our already significant network in the Central West NSW region to provide mutual benefits to you, our communities and all government stakeholders. Our management team and Workforce Development Consultants will regularly engage with key local stakehold­ers to ensure the best opportunities and services are delivered directly to you.
  • We will enter into formal agreements with local service providers, jobactive organisations, Work for the Dole Coordinators, employers, support organisations and training companies to work together to create better employment outcomes for you. We will clearly communicate our shared goals, roles and responsibilities and ensure you are considered in all of our decisions.
  • We will have a dedicated Work for the Dole Consultant in the Central West NSW region. Our Work for the Dole Consultant and Workforce Development Consultants will identify suitable work-like activities in small and large businesses that give you the skills you need to get a job.

Our service delivery to you, the job seeker

  • We will contact you within 24 hours of you selecting or being referred to VERTO to explain our services, arrange an appointment and assess your skills and abilities to assist you to get a job as soon as possible.
  • We will host a 'Welcome to VERTO' session when you commence with us where you will meet your local Work Force Development Team and we will contact you every fortnight to assist you to prepare for, and find a job quickly.
  • We will provide you with choices for how you meet with us, including electronic, telephone and face-to-face communication and accessible locations ensuring you get regular access to your VERTO Work Force Develop­ment Consultant. Our modern Workforce Development Offices will have Wi-Fi, at no cost to you, private meeting areas, training rooms, access to a job interview clothing library and vacancy displays.
  • We will provide you with access to our exclusive online VERTO Job Seeker Portal where you can search for jobs, access interview and resume writing tips, job vacancies and get up to date employment information for your area.
  • We will assess your needs to ensure the services you receive from VERTO are personally tailored so we can better match you to suitable jobs. Depending on your eligibility and circumstances, we will be able to access Australian Government funding, (including the Employment Fund) to support you.
  • We will review your individually tailored 'Job Plan' at least once a month to ensure we always have the most effective strategies in place to help prepare you to find and keep a job.
  • We will have a dedicated Aboriginal Services Consultant servicing our sites within the Central West NSW region who will work with the local community and employers to assist Indigenous people to find long term employment. Services will include mentoring, training, introductions and referrals to culturally appropriate services and employers (in liaison with our partner organisation My Pathway).
  • We will use our other VERTO business areas including our Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, Community Support Services and Registered Training Organisation to help you find and keep a job.
  • We will match you to a choice of suitable job opportunities, approach employers on your behalf, assist you to apply for jobs, create an up-to-date quality resume, and where eligible, assist with interview clothing and transport to help you to get a job quickly.
  • We will, depending on your individual needs and eligibility, promptly involve you in a variety of activities and training to improve your experience and skills and make you more competitive in your chosen area. These may include:
    • training courses which provide skills that employers need;
    • numeracy and literacy and job search training courses;
    • unpaid work experience and referrals to Work for the Dole activities;
    • participation in activities and courses that increase your experience; and
    • referrals for assistance with medical, personal, social, family and/or health issues.

Depending on your eligibility and circumstances, access to these additional services may be available to you for up to six months after you get a job.

  • We will work with other jobactive organisations across Australia to ensure you are provided with access to the greatest number of available vacancies that best suit you.
  • We will have services in place to meet the individual needs of all job seekers. This will include prompt referrals to work focused activities and services aimed to the specific needs of people with disability, Indigenous, youth, mature aged, single parents and under 30s.
  • We will provide outreach services, and social media and online support to offer you greater flexibility and availability to our services.
  • We will provide you with an individualised 'Employment Support Plan' after you get a job, and provide monthly contact at a minimum for up to six months to help you to succeed once you have commenced work. We will provide after-hours support if required, access to the Employment Fund (depending on eligibility) and if during this time you lose your job, we will assist you to find another job.
  • We will conduct quarterly job seeker surveys and have a complaints and feedback process to identify how we can improve our service for you.