Smart and Skilled enrolment – Important information

Details of the Notification of Enrolment (NoE) Process

Once students have completed all the necessary application for enrolment documentation, VERTO will commence the Notification of Enrolment Process via the Training Services NSW STS online provider calculator to notify of the student enrolment. This process will be completed in advance of a student commencing training.

The process will:

  • Validate eligibility of the student
  • Add details of Credit transfer or RPL
  • Generate details of the student fee chargeable, subsidies and loadings

In order to complete the above process VERTO will complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a student eligibility enquiry
    1. A quote ID will be issued for the enquiry. A quote ID will only be issued if the enquiry is successful, which means that the individual is eligible to undertake the Smart and Skilled subsidised program.
    2. A quote ID will expire after seven days from the date of issue if the Notification of Enrolment is not undertaken before then.
  2. Complete additional information required for the Notification of Enrolment. This will not be completed if the enquiry is unsuccessful.
  3. A Notification of Enrolment is issued by the Department; a soft copy will be kept on the student’s file and a copy given to the student for their records.
  4. Once the notification of enrolment process has been completed, students or payable parties will be issued an invoice reflecting all fees payable and the schedule of payments.

Process for obtaining a USI

The USI number is a combination of ten numbers and letters. This creates a secure online record of the students recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, from all training providers in which the student completed training. Students can register for a USI number at if they do not already have one.

The student will be required to include their USI number as part of the enrolment application which will be verified upon enrolment.

Information on the additional support that we offer students who experience disadvantage, including students with a disability.

VERTO’s enrolment application process identifies any support needs and possible matters which may impact training and assessment. Contextualisation and additional support needs are reviewed for reasonable adjustment and implementation prior to training commencement.

Support, progression and adjustments are reviewed throughout the nominal duration of the training.

All students are consulted in relation to their training throughout the enrolment process and guided by our Student Support Officer.