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We know that a key part of making it easy is explaining how it all works.

To get you started, here’s a brief overview of the general aspects of the Australian Apprenticeships system.

What is an Australian Apprenticeship?

It’s a paid job and involves formal structured training leading to a nationally recognised qualification.

It can be in traditional trades and take up to four years to complete (commonly known as an apprenticeship) or non-trade based occupations and completed in two years or less (generally known as traineeships).

The term ‘Australian Apprenticeships’ covers apprenticeships and traineeships.

What does it cost to employ an Australian Apprentice?

Wages for Australian Apprentices vary according to certain characteristics of the apprenticeship and apprentice. These may include years of school completed, years of training, the type of Australian Apprenticeship and the industry or occupation.

New entrant Australian Apprentices are usually paid a training wage or an apprentice wage under an award relevant to your business. Australian Apprentices should be treated in the same way as all your other employees in relation to superannuation, workers' compensation and other entitlements.

You can find out by visiting:

  • Fair Work Ombudsman website or call 13 13 94
  • State and Territory Training Authorities

You can also call us on 1300 4 VERTO for further information.

What does the Australian Apprenticeship Network Providers do?

Australian Apprenticeship Network Providers play a key role in Australian Apprenticeships:

  • we provide information, administration services and support to employers, Australian Apprentices and training providers for the duration of the apprenticeship
  • we oversee the signing and lodgement of training contracts
  • we assess, approve and process payment of Australian Government incentives to eligible employers and Australian Apprentices
  • we also maintain links with jobactive providers, Group Training Organisations, schools and community organisations to assist employers with enquiries and to recruit Australian Apprentices

What other organisations are involved in Australian Apprenticeships?

Our unique Bar Chart identifies all the stakeholders and the role they play in Australian Apprenticeships.

These stakeholders include:

  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Group Training Organisations
  • State Training Services
  • Department of Education and Training

Download our Bar Chart for an overview of who's who and how they all connect.

What is a Training Contract?

All Australian Apprenticeships require a formal Training Contract (or Training Agreement) to be established between the employer and their Australian Apprentice.

The Training Contract specifies the qualification to be achieved by the Australian Apprentice as well as:

  • the employer’s obligation to provide training and supervision
  • the apprentice’s rights and responsibilities.

Australian Apprenticeship Network Providers lodge all training contracts on behalf of employers and apprentices with the relevant State Training Service for approval.

Read more about Training Contracts or phone us on 1300 4 VERTO and we’ll explain it all to you.

What incentives are available?

The Australian Government offers a range of financial incentives through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program to assist eligible employers who take on a new Australian Apprentice, particularly where the Australian Apprenticeship is in a trade experiencing a skills shortage.

These employer incentives may include :

  • Standard, additional and special incentives
  • Assistance for Australian Apprentices with Disability
  • Support for employing an Australian School-based Apprentice

Some Australian Apprentices are also eligible for support payments such as ‘Tools for your Trade’ and 'Living Away from Home Allowance'. Eligible Apprentices can apply for Trade Support Loans.

Did you know that not all apprentices have to be new workers to your business? Incentives may also be available to support you to sign an existing worker into Australian Apprenticeships.

Find out more incentives available or call us on 1300 4 VERTO – we’ll do a quick eligibility check and then explain what incentives your business may be able to claim.

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