VERTO's Training and Delivery Standards demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality vocational education and training.

What do our Training and Delivery Standards cover?

The Standards cover all aspects of our training delivery including:

  • Enrolment process, course fees and refund policy
  • Assessment protocols
  • Recognition of Prior Learning procedure
  • Training Delivery
  • Complaints and Privacy

Refund Policy

Once an enrolment is processed, refunds or transfers can only be arranged in the following circumstances:

  • A full refund where a course is cancelled or changed by VERTO or in the instance where the learner rescinds their enrolment within the 10 day cooling off period prior to course commencement.
  • A partial refund will be issued for Units of Competency where the terms as specified in ‘fees refund’ against the relevant state framework is met as per VERTO’s Delegation’s policy

Pro-rata cancellation fee totalling the charge of one Unit of Competency is charged when:

  • In the event where a learner is enrolled into an embedded qualification, the higher qualification learner fee is calculated across the total number of units across both qualifications. In the event of withdrawal, the pro-rata refund clause will apply
  • The pro-rated refund is calculated by dividing the learner fee with the total number of Units of Competency. The refunded amount is determined by the number of Units of Competency not commenced

Full course fees will be charged when:

  • Students cancel or withdraw less than seven (7) days before the commencement of a training course.
  • Students fail to attend a training course.

QLD User Choice Program Student Contribution Fees:

  • Provision of full refunds to the relevant party for any student contribution fees charged for training delivery providing training had not commenced at the time of the cancellation of enrolment.
  • Should a trainee elect to cancel their traineeship, evidence of reimbursement of student contribution fees is retained. Evidence of a full refund is maintained for each unit of competency where no participation in training has been undertaken at the time of cancellation of enrolment. This is also required when changing elective units of competency. Learner fees are calculated at $1.60 per nominal hour where a partial exemption does not apply.
  • Where a student contribution fee has been charged and collected, evidence is retained to support a proportionate refund has been issued for each unit of competency where participation in training has been undertaken but the trainee has withdrawn from the unit of competency.


  • A ‘withdrawal with no penalty’ cut-off is determined by the pro-rated refund as specified above. The date is determined at the time of withdrawal.
  • Where a learner withdraws from training, a statement of fees is provided to the relevant party, including all fees applied and any fees refunded, if applicable
  • In the event where Credit Transfer or RPL is applicable and modification has been made to the learner fee, a pro-rata refund is provided on the amended amount.
  • Should a learner elect to withdraw from the course, evidence of refund is retained for each unit of competency where no participation in training has been undertaken at the time of cancellation of enrolment

Written requests for refund detailing extenuating circumstances for students withdrawing from courses will be considered at the discretion of VERTO.

In the event of exceptional circumstances please contact us on 1300 4 VERTO to discuss your refund options

Student Handbook

Please note you must read the VERTO Student Handbook before enrolling in any of our training courses.

VERTO Student Handbook