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March 2017

030317_ABC_Central West 030317_ABC_Central West (51 KB)

030317_ABC_Central West_2 030317_ABC_Central West_2 (51 KB)

030317_ABC_Western Plains 030317_ABC_Western Plains (51 KB)

030317_ABC_Western Plains_2 030317_ABC_Western Plains_2 (51 KB)

03.03.17_Ron_Maxwell_ABC_Central_West 03.03.17_Ron_Maxwell_ABC_Central_West (116 KB)

14.03.17_Bathurst Western Advocate_web 14.03.17_Bathurst Western Advocate (28 KB)

15.03.17_Condobolin Argus 15.03.17_Condobolin Argus (410 KB)

15.03.17_Western Advocate 15.03.17_Western Advocate (206 KB)

23.03.17_Cowra Guardian_web 23.03.17_Cowra Guardian_web (28 KB)

24.03.17_Hilltops Phoenix 24.03.17_Hilltops Phoenix (81 KB)

24.03.17_Western Advocate_web 24.03.17_Western Advocate (28 KB)

25.03.17_Western Advocate 25.03.17_Western Advocate (219 KB)

28.03.17_Cowra Guardian 28.03.17_Cowra Guardian (167 KB)

31.03.17_CowraGuardian 31.03.17_CowraGuardian (52 KB)

February 2017

10.02.17_Western Advocate 10.02.17_Western Advocate (207 KB)

January 2017

12.01.17_Oberon Review 12.01.17_Oberon Review (86 KB)

12.01.17_Oberon Review_web 12.01.17_Oberon Review_web (24 KB)

12.01.17_Western Advocate_web 12.01.17_Western Advocate_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Blue Mountains Gazette_web 18.01.17_Blue Mountains Gazette_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Bombala Times_web 18.01.17_Bombala Times_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Canberra Times_web 18.01.17_Canberra Times_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Central Western Daily_web 18.01.17_Central Western Daily_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Cessnock Advertiser_web 18.01.17_Cessnock Advertiser_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Dungog Chronicle_web 18.01.17_Dungog Chronicle_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Eden Magnet_web 18.01.17_Eden Magnet_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Great Lakes Advocate_web 18.01.17_Great Lakes Advocate_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Hills News_web 18.01.17_Hills News_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Illawarra Mercury_web 18.01.17_Illawarra Mercury_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Lithgow Mercury_web 18.01.17_Lithgow Mercury_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Melbourne Age_web 18.01.17_Melbourne Age_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Nambucca Guardian_web 18.01.17_Nambucca Guardian_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Newcastle Herald_web 18.01.17_Newcastle Herald_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Northern Daily Liberal_web 18.01.17_Northern Daily Liberal_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Penrith Star_web 18.01.17_Penrith Star_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Singleton Argus_web 18.01.17_Singleton Argus_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_St George Sutherland Shire Leader_web 18.01.17_St George Sutherland Shire Leader_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_St Marys Star_web 18.01.17_St Marys Star_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Syd Morning Herald_web 18.01.17_Syd Morning Herald_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_The Senior_web 18.01.17_The Senior_web (24 KB)

18.01.17_Wagga Wagga Daily_web 18.01.17_Wagga Wagga Daily_web (24 KB)

19.01.17_Oberon Review 19.01.17_Oberon Review (51 KB)

24.01.17_The Area News_web 24.01.17_The Area News_web (24 KB)

25.01.17_Area News Griffith 25.01.17_Area News Griffith (62 KB)


December 2016

21.12.16_Corowa Free Press 21.12.16_Corowa Free Press (44 KB)


November 2016                        

07/11/16_Central Western Daily_web 07/11/16_Central Western Daily_web (28 KB)

08/11/16_2MCE 08/11/16_2MCE (50 KB)

08/11/16_Central Western Daily 08/11/16_Central Western Daily (365 KB)

08/11/16_Central Western Daily_web 08/11/16_Central Western Daily_web (28 KB)

09/11/16_Central Western Daily 09/11/16_Central Western Daily (85 KB)

09/11/16_2MCE 09/11/16_2MCE (49 KB)

17/11/16_MidstateObserver 17/11/16_MidstateObserver (111 KB)

October 2016

011016Bathurst_Western Advocate 011016Bathurst_Western Advocate (226 KB)

051016_Ballina_Shire Advocate 051016_Ballina_Shire Advocate (85 KB)

061016_Bathurst_Western Advocate 061016_Bathurst_Western Advocate (266 KB)

131016_ABC_Central West 131016_ABC_Central West (126 KB)

131016_ABC_Central West NSW 131016_ABC_Central West NSW (51 KB)

131016_ABC_South East NSW 131016_ABC_South East NSW (51 KB)

21/06/16_Leeton_Irrigator 21/06/16_Leeton_Irrigator (909 KB)

27/10/16_Bathurst_Western Times 27/10/16_Bathurst_Western Times (64 KB)

September 2016

01/09/16_Cowra Guardian_web 01/09/16_Cowra Guardian_web (28 KB)

01/0916_Albury Border Mail 01/0916_Albury Border Mail (353 KB)

01/09/16_CWD_web 01/09/16_CWD_web (28 KB)

02/09/16_ABC Riverina 02/09/16_ABC Riverina (107 KB)

02/09/16_ABC Riverina_web 02/09/16_ABC Riverina_web (51 KB)

02/09/16_Orange_CWD 02/09/16_Orange_CWD (571 KB)

180916_Bathurst_Western Advocate_web 180916_Bathurst_Western Advocate_web (28 KB)

190916_Bathurst_Western Advocate 190916_Bathurst_Western Advocate (101 KB)

220916_Bathurst_Western Times 220916_Bathurst_Western Times (56 KB)

230916_Forbes_Advocate 230916_Forbes_Advocate (48 KB)

300916_MSN_Australia_web 300916_MSN_Australia_web (28 KB)

August 2016

31/08/16_ABC Central West 31/08/16_ABC Central West (127 KB)

31/0816_ABC Central West 2 31/0816_ABC Central West 2 (123 KB)

03/08/16_Cessnock Advertiser 03/08/16_Cessnock Advertiser (166 KB)

04/0816_Bathurst Western Advocate_web 04/0816_Bathurst Western Advocate_web (28 KB)

05/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate 05/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate (49 KB)

05/08/16_Lithgow Mercury 05/08/16_Lithgow Mercury (231 KB)

11/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate_web 11/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate_web (28 KB)

17/08/16_Ballina Shire Advocate 17/08/16_Ballina Shire Advocate (129 KB)

18/08/16_Bathurst _Western Times 18/08/16_Bathurst _Western Times (76 KB)

18/08/16_Oberon Review 18/08/16_Oberon Review (65 KB)

24/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate 24/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate (484 KB)

26/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate_web 26/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate_web (28 KB)

27/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate 27/08/16_Bathurst Western Advocate (222 KB)

310816_Ballarat Courier_web 310816_Ballarat Courier_web (28 KB)

Border Mail_310816_web Border Mail_310816_web (28 KB)

July 2016

05/07/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_web 05/07/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_web (28 KB)

07/07/16_Bathurst_Western Times 07/07/16_Bathurst_Western Times (227 KB)

08/07/16_Mudgee Guardian_web 08/07/16_Mudgee Guardian_web (28 KB)

13/07/16_ABC Central West_Orange_2 13/07/16_ABC Central West_Orange (50 KB)

13/07/16_ABC Central West_Orange_2 13/07/16_ABC Central West_Orange_2 (50 KB)

13/07/16_ABC Western Plains_Dubbo 13/07/16_ABC Western Plains_Dubbo (50 KB)

13/07/16_ABC Western Plains_Dubbo_2 13/07/16_ABC Western Plains_Dubbo_2 (51 KB)

pdf 13/07/16_ABC Central West_Orange (50 KB)

13/07/16_ABC Central West_6.30am 13/07/16_ABC Central West_6.30am (139 KB)

13/07/16_ABC Western Plains_7.30am 13/07/16_ABC Western Plains_7.30am (152 KB)

19/07/16_Mudgee Guardian_Gulgong Advertiser 19/07/16_Mudgee Guardian_Gulgong Advertiser (44 KB)

20/07/016_Cessnock Advertiser_web 20/07/016_Cessnock Advertiser_web (28 KB)

June 2016

21/06/16_Leeton_Irrigator 21/06/16_Leeton_Irrigator (909 KB)

20/06/16_Orange_2MCE 20/06/16_Orange_2MCE (52 KB)

17/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_2 17/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_2 (579 KB)

17/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate 17/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate (244 KB)

16/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_Web_2 16/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_Web_2 (28 KB)

16/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_Web 16/06/16_Bathurst_Western Advocate_Web (28 KB)

May 2016

28/05/16_Barrier Daily Truth_Broken Hill 28/05/16_Barrier Daily Truth_Broken Hill (140 KB)

26/05/16_Northern Star_Lismore 26/05/16_Northern Star_Lismore (1174 KB)

26/05/16_Western Advocate_Bathurst 26/05/16_Western Advocate_Bathurst (277 KB)

26/05/16_Western Times_Bathurst 26/05/16_Western Times_Bathurst (59 KB)

05/05/16_ABC Central West 05/05/16_ABC Central West (178 KB)

04/05/16_Port Mac Express 04/05/16_Port Mac Express (160 KB)

10/05/16_Cowra Guardian 10/05/16_Cowra Guardian (279 KB)

14/05/16_Barrier Daily Truth_Broken Hill 14/05/16_Barrier Daily Truth_Broken Hill (140 KB)

17/05/16_Mudgee Guardian_Gulgong Advertiser 17/05/16_Mudgee Guardian_Gulgong Advertiser (47 KB)

April 2016

19/04/16_Cowra Guardian 19/04/16_Cowra Guardian (358 KB)

March 2016

04/03/16_Cowra Guardian 04/03/16_Cowra Guardian (46 KB)

03/03/16_ABC Western Plains NSW 03/03/16_ABC Western Plains NSW (52 KB)

03/03/16_ABC Central West NSW_segment 2 03/03/16_ABC Central West NSW_segment 2 (51 KB)

03/03/16_ABC Central West NSW 03/03/16_ABC Central West NSW (51 KB)

02/03/16_ABC Western Plains NSW 02/03/16_ABC Western Plains NSW (137 KB)

02/03/16_ABC Central West NSW 02/03/16_ABC Central West NSW (120 KB)

08/03/16_Northern Daily Leader 08/03/16_Northern Daily Leader (28 KB)

09/03/16_Northern Daily Leader 09/03/16_Northern Daily Leader (75 KB)

11/03/16_Western Advocate_web 11/03/16_Western Advocate_web (28 KB)

120316_Western Advocate 120316_Western Advocate (225 KB)

14/0316_Central Western Daily 14/0316_Central Western Daily (28 KB)

15/0316_Central Western Daily 15/0316_Central Western Daily (654 KB)

16/03/16_ABC Central West NSW 16/03/16_ABC Central West NSW (1078 KB)

February 2016

14/02/2016_Central Western Daily_web_Orange 14/02/2016_Central Western Daily_web_Orange (28 KB)

15/02/16_Central Western Daily_Orange 15/02/16_Central Western Daily_Orange (672 KB)

18/02/2016_Western Advocate_Bathurst 18/02/2016_Western Advocate_Bathurst (214 KB)

26/02/16_ABC News_Central West 26/02/16_ABC News_Central West (765 KB)

26/02/16_ABC News_Central West 26/02/16_ABC News_Central West (52 KB)

January 2016

29/01/2016 ABC Central West News_Orange 29/01/2016 ABC Central West News_Orange (134 KB)

29/01/2016 ABC Central West News_Orange_clip 2 29/01/2016 ABC Central West News_Orange_clip 2 (840 KB)

December 2015

10/12/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) 10/12/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) (1375 KB)

29/12/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 29/12/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (330 KB)

November 2015

12/11/2015_Western Times 12/11/2015_Western Times (1237 KB)

20/11/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 20/11/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (1237 KB)

22/11/ 22/11/ (1237 KB)

23-24/11/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) 23-24/11/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) (1237 KB)

25/11/2015_Mudgee Weekly 25/11/2015_Mudgee Weekly (1237 KB)

27/11/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 27/11/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (1237 KB)

30/11/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) 30/11/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) (1237 KB)

October 2015

07/10/2015_Ballina Shire Advocate 07/10/2015_Ballina Shire Advocate (145 KB)

09/10/2015_Lachlander (Condobolin) 09/10/2015_Lachlander (Condobolin) (1071 KB)

14/10/2015_Condobolin Argus 14/10/2015_Condobolin Argus (302 KB)

September 2015

1-2/09/2015_Border Mail (Albury) 1-2/09/2015_Border Mail (Albury) (125 KB)

02/09/2015_Western Advocate 02/09/2015_Western Advocate (212 KB)

10/09/2015_Coonabarabran Times 10/09/2015_Coonabarabran Times (500 KB)

10/09/2015_Coonabarabran Times 14/09/2015_Port Macquarie News (100 KB)

15/09/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 15/09/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (191 KB)

15-16/09/2015_Port Macquarie News 15-16/09/2015_Port Macquarie News (144 KB)

16/09/15_Mudgee Weekly 16/09/15_Mudgee Weekly (4166 KB)

18/09/2015_Area News (Griffith) 18/09/2015_Area News (Griffith) (2733 KB)

26+29/09/2015_Western Advocate 26+29/09/2015_Western Advocate (257 KB)

August 2015

04/08/2015_Macleay Argus (Kempsey) 04/08/2015_Macleay Argus (Kempsey) (69 KB)

05/08/2015_Area News (Griffith) 05/08/2015_Area News (Griffith) (275 KB)

17/08/2015_Mudgee Guardian_Gulgong Advertiser 17/08/2015_Mudgee Guardian_Gulgong Advertiser (161 KB)

18/08/2015_Northern Star (Lismore) 18/08/2015_Northern Star (Lismore) (370 KB)

20/08/2015_Lithgow Mercury 20/08/2015_Lithgow Mercury (209 KB)

21/08/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 21/08/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (211 KB)

26/08/2015_Mid Coast Observer 26/08/2015_Mid Coast Observer (60 KB)

July 2015

02/07/2015_Northern Star (Lismore) 02/07/2015_Northern Star (Lismore) (84 KB)

02/07/2015_Oberon Review 02/07/2015_Oberon Review (230 KB)

02/07/2015_The Daily Examiner_web 02/07/2015_The Daily Examiner_web (84 KB)

2-3/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 2-3/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (239 KB)

03/07/2015_Newcastle Herald 03/07/2015_Newcastle Herald (361 KB)

07/07/2015_Prime TV (Orange) 07/07/2015_Prime TV (Orange) (3414 KB)

07/07/2015_Western Advocate 07/07/2015_Western Advocate (155 KB)

07-08/07/2015_Cowra Guardian 07-08/07/2015_Cowra Guardian (186 KB)

09/07/2015_Highlands Post (Bowral) 09/07/2015_Highlands Post (Bowral) (141 KB)

09/07/2015_Lithgow Mercury 09/07/2015_Lithgow Mercury (431 KB)

12-13/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 12-13/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (354 KB)

13/07/2015_Cowra Guardian 13/07/2015_Cowra Guardian (115 KB)

18/07/2015_Western Advocate 18/07/2015_Western Advocate (103 KB)

22/07/2015@Manning River Times (Taree) 22/07/2015@Manning River Times (Taree) (177 KB)

26-27/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 26-27/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (291 KB)

27/07/2015_Australasian Leisure Management_web 27/07/2015_Australasian Leisure Management_web (84 KB)

27-28/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 27-28/07/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (325 KB)

29/07/2015_Young Witness 29/07/2015_Young Witness (1803 KB)

29-30/07/2015_Daily Liberal (Dubbo) 29-30/07/2015_Daily Liberal (Dubbo) (142 KB)

June 2015

04/06/2015_ABC Central West NSW 04/06/2015_ABC Central West NSW (103 KB)

09/06/2015_Western Advocate 09/06/2015_Western Advocate (122 KB)

18/06/2015_Blayney Chronicle 18/06/2015_Blayney Chronicle (71 KB)

18/06/2015_Lithgow Mercury 18/06/2015_Lithgow Mercury (75 KB)

19/06/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 19/06/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (392 KB)

23-24/06/2015_Newcastle Herald 23-24/06/2015_Newcastle Herald (112 KB)

25-26/06/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 25-26/06/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (330 KB)

May 2015

5-6/05/2015 Parkes Champion Post 5-6/05/2015 Parkes Champion Post (114 KB)

05/05/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 05/05/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (3726 KB)

07/05/2015_Lithgow Mercury 07/05/2015_Lithgow Mercury (357 KB)

07/05/2015_Molong Express 07/05/2015_Molong Express (133 KB)

07/05/2015_Western Times (Bathurst) 07/05/2015_Western Times (Bathurst) (229 KB)

08/05/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) 08/05/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) (139 KB)

15/05/2015_Dubbo Weekender 15/05/2015_Dubbo Weekender (94 KB)

20/05/2015_Central Western Daily_web 20/05/2015_Central Western Daily_web (97 KB)

21/05/2015_Central Western Daily 21/05/2015_Central Western Daily (352 KB)

21/05/2015_Oberon Review 21/05/2015_Oberon Review (102 KB)

22/05/2015_Leeton Irrigator_web 22/05/2015_Leeton Irrigator_web (97 KB)

22/05/2015_Port Macquarie News 22/05/2015_Port Macquarie News (382 KB)

25/05/2015_Central Western Daily 25/05/2015_Central Western Daily (718 KB)

26-27/05/2015_Canowindra News 26-27/05/2015_Canowindra News (290 KB)

28-29/05/2015_Parkes Champion Post 28-29/05/2015_Parkes Champion Post (116 KB)

28/05/2015_Forbes Advocate 28/05/2015_Forbes Advocate (90 KB)

28/05/2015_Molong Express 28/05/2015_Molong Express (3721 KB)

29/05/2014 Northern Star (Lismore) 29/05/2014 Northern Star (Lismore) (270 KB)

April 2015

01/04/2015_Port Macquarie News 01/04/2015_Port Macquarie News (240 KB)

02/04/2015_Prime 7 Tamworth 02/04/2015_Prime 7 Tamworth (104 KB)

04/04/2015_Lithgow Mercury 04/04/2015_Lithgow Mercury (98 KB)

07/04/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 07/04/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (134 KB)

07/04/2015_Radio 2BS 07/04/2015_Radio 2BS (104 KB)

09/04/2015_Molong Express 09/04/2015_Molong Express (153 KB)

09/04/2015_ Parkes Champion Post_web 09/04/2015_ Parkes Champion Post_web (79 KB)

09/04/2015_Lithgow Mercury 09/04/2015_Lithgow Mercury (2306 KB)

09/04/2015_Oberon Review 09/04/2015_Oberon Review (126 KB)

10/04/2015_Parkes Champion Post 10/04/2015_Parkes Champion Post (79 KB)

10/04/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) 10/04/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) (142 KB)

13/04/2015_Young Witness 13/04/2015_Young Witness (967 KB)

24/04/2015_ABC Broken Hill 24/04/2015_ABC Broken Hill (117 KB)

28/04/2015_Radio 2ST_web 28/04/2015_Radio 2ST_web (79 KB)

28/04/2015_Radio 949 PowerFM_web 28/04/2015_Radio 949 PowerFM_web (79 KB)

29/04/2015_ABC Central West NSW 29/04/2015_ABC Central West NSW (104 KB)

29/04/2015_Central Western Daily_web 29/04/2015_Central Western Daily_web (125 KB)

29/04/2015_Daily Liberal (Dubbo) 29/04/2015_Daily Liberal (Dubbo) (100 KB)

30/04/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) 30/04/2015_Central Western Daily (Orange) (171 KB)

30/04/2015_Radio 2BS (Bathurst) 30/04/2015_Radio 2BS (Bathurst) (104 KB)

March 2015

18/03/2015_2BS 18/03/2015_2BS (59 KB)

24/03/2015_Western Advocate_web (Bathurst) 24/03/2015_Western Advocate_web (Bathurst) (35 KB)

25/03/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) 25/03/2015_Western Advocate (Bathurst) (515 KB)

31/03/2015_Port Macquarie News 31/03/2015_Port Macquarie News (79 KB)

February 2015

03/02/2015 Macleay Argus (Kempsey) 03/02/2015 Macleay Argus (Kempsey) (144 KB)

16/02/2015 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser 16/02/2015 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser (130 KB)

26/02/2015 Western Times Bathurst 26/02/2015 Western Times Bathurst (62 KB)

December 2014

03/12/14 Condobolin Argus 03/12/14 Condobolin Argus (535 KB)

03/12/14 Manning River Times 03/12/14 Manning River Times (204 KB)

03/12/14 Mudgee Weekly 03/12/14 Mudgee Weekly (77 KB)

12/12/14 Mudgee Guardian and Gulgong Advertiser 12/12/14 Mudgee Guardian and Gulgong Advertiser (61 KB)

17/12/14 Port Macquarie News 17/12/14 Port Macquarie News (124 KB)

19/12/14 Young Witness 19/12/14 Young Witness (126 KB)

November 2014

07/11/14 Young Witness 07/11/14 Young Witness (111 KB)

10/11/14 Central Western Daily (Orange) 10/11/14 Central Western Daily (Orange) (603 KB)

19/11/14 Mudgee Weekly 19/11/14 Mudgee Weekly (100 KB)

24/11/14 Port Macquarie News 24/11/14 Port Macquarie News (338 KB)

26/11/14 Gloucester Advocate 26/11/14 Gloucester Advocate (268 KB)

28/11/14 Lachlander (Condoblin) 28/11/14 Lachlander (Condoblin) (240 KB)

October 2014

03/10/14 Northern Daily Leader 03/10/14 Northern Daily Leader (242 KB)

17/10/14 Cowra Guardian 17/10/14 Cowra Guardian (334 KB)

23/10/14 Oberon Review 23/10/14 Oberon Review (170 KB)

24/10/14 Grenfell Record & Bland Advertiser 24/10/14 Grenfell Record & Bland Advertiser (306 KB)

28/10/14 WEB Young Witness 28/10/14 WEB Young Witness (28 KB)

07/10/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) 07/10/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) (491 KB)

WIN News Bathurst Community Garden WIN News Bathurst Community Garden (3431 KB)

September 2014

01/09/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) 01/09/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) (225 KB)

08/09/14 Cowra Guardian 08/09/14 Cowra Guardian (376 KB)

13/09/14 Northern Daily Leader 13/09/14 Northern Daily Leader (46 KB)

20/09/14 Dubbo Weekender 20/09/14 Dubbo Weekender (219 KB)

24/09/14 Central Western Daily (Orange) 24/09/14 Central Western Daily (Orange) (1069 KB)

24/09/14 Mudgee Weekly 24/09/14 Mudgee Weekly (152 KB)

August 2014

07/08/14 Daily Liberal (Dubbo) 07/08/14 Daily Liberal (Dubbo) (47 KB)

12/08/14 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga) 12/08/14 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga) (45 KB)

14/08/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) 14/08/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) (1348 KB)

20/08/14 Richmond River Express Examiner 20/08/14 Richmond River Express Examiner (68 KB)

27/08/14 Advertiser (Cessnock) 27/08/14 Advertiser (Cessnock) (231 KB)

28/08/14 Lithgow Mercury 28/08/14 Lithgow Mercury (266 KB)

Bathurst Tucker Truck Bathurst Tucker Truck (2524 KB)

July 2014

15/07/14 Lachlander (Condoblin) 15/07/14 Lachlander (Condoblin) (814 KB)

17/07/14 Lithgow Mercury 17/07/14 Lithgow Mercury (130 KB)

02/07/14 Manning River Times (Taree) 02/07/14 Manning River Times (Taree) (445 KB)

22/07/14 Forbes Advocate 22/07/14 Forbes Advocate (96 KB)

25/07/14 Daily Liberal (Dubbo) 25/07/14 Daily Liberal (Dubbo) (512 KB)

26/07/14 Central Western Daily (Orange) 26/07/14 Central Western Daily (Orange) (58 KB)

26/07/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) 26/07/14 Western Advocate (Bathurst) (799 KB)

30/07/14 Advocate (Coffs Harbour) 30/07/14 Advocate (Coffs Harbour) (102 KB)

30/07/14 Young Witness 30/07/14 Young Witness (68 KB)

04/07/14 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser 04/07/14 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser (45 KB)

04/07/14 Newcastle Herald 04/07/14 Newcastle Herald (230 KB)

7/14 Win News Bathurst Community Garden 7/14 Win News Bathurst Community Garden (1806 KB)

June 2014

30/06/14 Goulburn Post 30/06/14 Goulburn Post (172 KB)

30/06/14 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser 30/06/14 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser (127 KB)

May 2014

16/05/2014 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser 16/05/2014 Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser (57 KB)

21/05/2014 Canowindra News 21/05/2014 Canowindra News (215 KB)

21/05/2014 Central Western Daily (Orange) 21/05/2014 Central Western Daily (Orange) (125 KB)

22/05/2014 Canowindra Phoenix 22/05/2014 Canowindra Phoenix (82 KB)

29/05/2014 Northern Star (Lismore) 29/05/2014 Northern Star (Lismore) (270 KB)