VERTO has a long history of providing programs to support Indigenous Australians. Our programs are designed in collaboration with both local Aboriginal communities and employers, enabling VERTO to ensure that our program is sensitive to cultural needs and linked to real employment opportunities that benefit the community. 


VERTO Indigenous Services

Our Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) program is focused on improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal high school students.

VERTO’s Services:

  • NCAP Program

    Our New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) program providing employment advice, coaching, mentoring, and training referrals
  • Indigenous Advancement Strategy

    Our Indigenous Advancement Strategy delivering targeted training programs specific to particular industries or skills in demand by local employers
  • Youth Leadership Program

    Our Indigenous Youth Leadership program with local schools and communities focused on improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal high school students
  • jobactive Program

    VERTO is also a provider of the Australian Government's jobactive program, offering free job search support for Aboriginal job seekers in addition to advice to employers for offering Aboriginal employment opportunities. 

New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP)

NCAP is a NSW Government funded program aimed at helping increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market. VERTO helps by identifying, creating and supporting opportunities across training, education and employment.

Dedicated NCAP officers can support Aboriginal job seekers to set and achieve their employment goals with support across career planning, resume writing, job application assistance, interview techniques, and referrals to training and employment opportunities.

Our services also provide access to an Aboriginal Employment Advisor who is in touch with both local community needs as well as employers, business groups, apprenticeship services, training and job service providers to help connect Aboriginal people to opportunities.

NCAP services are available across the Mid-Western region, with services based in Bathurst, Condobolin, Cowra, Forbes, Orange and Parkes.