NDCO Provider CYMK June 2015

Region 9 Western NSW is part of a 31 region programme Australia wide. NDCO’s target the barriers that people with a disability face in successfully accessing and completing post-school education and training through to employment  

The NDCO Program works strategically to assist people with disability access and participate in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (‘Tertiary Education’) and subsequent employment, through a national network of regionally based NDCOs. The NDCOs work with stakeholders at the local level to reduce systemic barriers, facilitate smooth transitions, build links and coordinate services between the education, training and employment sectors.

There are three key objectives for the Program:

  1. improved linkages between schools, Tertiary Education providers, employment service providers and providers of disability programs and assistance at all government levels;
  2. improved transitions for people with disability between school/community and Tertiary Education, and then to subsequent employment; and
  3. improved participation by people with disability in Tertiary Education and subsequent employment.

Providers work towards achieving the following four Program outcomes for the Program:

  • services that facilitate transitions and participation from School to  Tertiary Education and subsequent employment for people with disability are coordinated;
  • local networks collaborate to identify and overcome barriers in transitions and participation in Tertiary Education and subsequent employment for people with disability;
  • stakeholders have the knowledge and capability to support transitions and participation from School to Tertiary Education and subsequent employment for people with disability; and
  • people with disability who have the ability to make decisions about their education and employment are able to do so based on an improved knowledge of their rights and entitlements, supports available, educational options and pathways to employment.

The NDCO programme supports both you and your family by providing advice, information and resources to endure that you have the best chance to achieve your goals.

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