VERTO Apprenticeship Advantage offers tailored services for employers around recruitment, apprentice/trainee management and assistance with Human Resources matters, including additional mentoring and administrative support throughout the lifecycle of the apprenticeship or traineeship, for a fixed annual fee. We can tailor packages to what a business requires to maximise retention and apprenticeship completions, whilst passing on all Australian Government incentives and payments directly to the employer.

Through our tailor-made packages, VERTO will work with employers to deliver the best outcomes for their workforce and:

  • Let your people focus on what they do best while we focus on what we do best
  • Get the most out of your funding dollars
  • Control recruitment spending and engage with expert consultants
  • Ensure team engagement and best practice for your apprentices/trainees and supervisors
  • Gain access to VERTO’s extensive experience, knowledge, resources and networks
  • Support improved productivity and retention within your existing teams
  • Contribute to successful apprenticeship/traineeship completions
  • Decide which of our flexible services best suit your business model

VERTO's Apprenticeship Network Provider team works closely with local businesses across our footprint to provide information, guidance and support, to employers looking to develop their workforce and to apprentices and trainees alike, across a broad range of occupations, from hairdressers to early childhood educators.

  1. Decide which career path best suits you.
  2. Check out the full range of occupations available.
  3. Brush up your resume with contact details, work and education
  4. Find great tips to help you develop a resume and job application

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Further information can be found by downloading the VERTO Apprenticeship Advantage document, or by contacting VERTO on 0419 499 534 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.