Registered with Centrelink and looking for work?

As your job search partner here’s how VERTO can support you:

  • One on one assistance to set out your goals and plan steps to reach them
  • Advice and help to prepare a resume and job applications
  • Practical training to advance your employability and work skills
  • Work experience opportunities in real work environments
  • Assistance with work related clothes and equipment
  • Access to job search facilities and office equipment
  • Advice on suitable job vacancies in your area
  • Free Wi-Fi so you can look for jobs online when you visit us 

Important tips to help you get the job you want:

Think carefully about your goals – be clear and realistic about what you’d like to do and discuss your ideas with your Workforce Development Consultant. Together, we can make most things happen.

  • Keep yourself informed

    Regularly check local papers and key job sites including, and for jobs in your area
  • Be prepared

    make sure your resume includes the most up to date information including contact details, work history, training and education
  • Attend all your appointment

    Regular contact with your Workforce Development Consultant will ensure you the most out of your Jobsearch. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas bring them up during your appointment or ask to make extra appointments.

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Ask Centrelink to refer you to VERTO or call us on 1300 4 VERTO.