Real employment opportunities that benefit the community

Indigenous Services

VERTO has a long history of providing dedicated programs to support Indigenous Australians. Our programs are designed in collaboration with both local Aboriginal communities and employers, enabling VERTO to ensure that our program is inclusive of cultural needs and linked to real employment opportunities that benefit the community.

VERTO Indigenous Services

Our Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) program is focused on improving rentention rates and educational and employment outcomes for Aboriginal school students.

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Reconciliation Week 2022

VERTO will join with the rest of Australia to acknowledge and celebrate National Reconciliation Week from the 27 May to 3 June, 2022.

VERTO worked on a special project with Canobolas Rural Technology High School in Orange to support National Reconciliation Week in 2020. This, along with our fully-endorsed Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), are just a couple of small ways VERTO is supporting and participating in National Reconciliation Week.

Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program

VERTO’s Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program is funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

VERTO currently runs the program in Central Western New South Wales in three schools (Canobolas Rural Technology High School, Bowen Primary School and Glenroi Heights Public School). 

Our Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program works with local schools and communities to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal school students.

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