Here's some helpful advice:

  • Read all the information and instructions carefully and take time to complete your application
  • Do your research on the position and get to know your employer
  • All positions have a contact number if you wish to know more about the role
  • Submit your application on time
  • Think of the questions you might be asked in an interview and consider how you would answer. What examples would you be able to provide?
  • Be positive and use action words in your application
  • Arrive in plenty of time for the interview

Tips on addressing selection criteria:

Make sure you read the position description and person specifications thoroughly and really think about what each point is looking for.

  • Situation

    think of a challenging situation, preferably in your work life, that best describes your ability to address the criterion. The position description will give you an idea of a situation that would be appropriate. Briefly outline this situation or scenario.
  • Task

    Describe what tasks were required in this situation and how you identified that these tasks were necessary. You can combine the situation and task into one sentence.
  • Action

    Mention how you took action to meet the condition in the selection criterion. Discuss your specific action and not the action undertaken by the team. Describe the action you actually took and not what action you might take.
  • Result

    This refers to the outcome of the situation and how others responded to the situation. This may incorporate your reflection on the issue and feedback from supervisors, customers, work colleagues or others.

It may also involve commenting on what you learned from the experience and how your action could be improved in the future.

It is suggested that you consider your transferable skills to the position you wish to apply for.

FAQ for Apprenticeships

There is also specialised assistance for Australian Apprentices with disability. 

For more details contact our Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider on 1300 4 VERTO